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Jul 24, 2007 09:35 PM

caterer for rehearsal dinner in SEA

Can anyone recommend a great caterer for a rehearsal dinner for 70-80 people? The venue will be the Alki Bathhouse. We're interested in casual fare and are intrigued by such options as paella, bbq or NW/seasonal. That said, we'd be interested in hearing about anyone who does great fare at a great price. Thanks.

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  1. I'd recommend checking out Joanie's Catering. She's located in West Seattle. I've worked with them a number of times, and they never disappoint. She helped me with a Chinese / Mexican wedding, and their mixed cultural menu, including family recipes requested on both sides. The bride and groom were VERY happy with both the service and how their custom menu turned out.

    Request a tasting and you'll be sold. Also, her pricing is more than fair.

    1. i would contact herban feast. they did my wedding and i get raves to this day. we ordered salmon and chicken(my family is boooooring) and they grilled at our location. would probably do with other items also. all the food was first rate!! also, i would google "paella man"-or one word-to find out about this man who does mobile paellla feasts in the seattle area. you can thank me later.