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Jul 24, 2007 09:31 PM

Dinner w/in walking distance from Troubadour

Going to a show tomorrow night at The Troubadour.
Need a place to have dinner w/ 3 of my co-workers. So there will be four people, total.

Criteria is as follows:
Good food.
Moderately priced. Less than $50/person including tax and tip (this should include 1 glass of wine or cocktail).
Within walking distance from the Troubadour (10 minute walk max).
Must be a sit-down restaurant that is conducive to conversation (i.e. no blaring music).
Cool decor is a plus, but not an absolute necessity.

I'm the only real foodie in the dinner party. My fellow diners would be happy eating at most places. But if I am going out to dinner, then I might as well eat at some place decent.

Thank you!

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  1. i'd say - go grab a salad and some garlic cheese bread at dan tana's next door. this place is NOT cheap - but if you get like one item - you'll definitely be under $50 and it's super fun (plus tasty) - great before or after a night out.

    there's an indian place like two doors down - never been - so don't know if it's good.

    also - doug arango's (sp?) is like down the street and around the corner.

    1. Trattoria Amici at the Beverly Terrace Hotel (corner Santa Monica/Doheny):

      Good salads and pastas

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        I agree with Trattoria Amici. They have a charming outdoor patio which is nice this time of year and I love the grilled vegetable salad with shaved parmesan.

        1. re: michellemabelle

          I love that salad too! I just had it the other night when I was there!

      2. Flavor of India, next to Dan Tana's. Food is good, and nice Indian beer selections, plus probably less crowded than Dan Tana's.

        1. How about Bossa Nova on Robertson, just south of Santa Monica. In that same stretch north of Melrose, there's also Hedley's (easy American/Californian and not too pricey), The Abbey, Fat Fish, Kinara... there are more restaurants along this strip between Melrose and SM on Roberston, but all more pricey...

          On SM, there's also Mason Jar Cafe and Skewers just east of Roberston.

          Concur w/ Dan Tana's, but it's more expensive than you'd prefer. Doug Arango's, also more than you'd like to spend I think too, as suggested is on Melrose between Doheny and Robertson.