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Jul 24, 2007 09:26 PM

wedding cakes in SEA

Can anyone recommend a bakery or pastry chef that does excellent wedding cakes? I'll be sampling some of Macrina's offerings this Friday but just wanted to know if there are other great options out there. Thanks.

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  1. Borracchini's in south Seattle
    Mike's Amazing Cakes in Redmond
    Celebrity Cakes in Tacoma
    Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell

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    1. re: HungWeiLo

      With Borracchini's, I definitely recommend you do a tasting. Their frosting is hate it or love it.

      Mike's Amazing Cakes, I'd only recommend if you want something truly sculptural (rather than delicious).

      Other bakeries to try:
      Madison Park Bakery
      Hoffman's (Kirkland)

      1. re: ethereal

        Have you tasted Mike's cakes?? They do tastings every other weekend - and as far as we were concerned they had some of the better tasting cakes around - which is why we had them do our wedding.

        That has always been Mike's claim to fame - not only does he make beautiful sculptured cake, but it tastes great too.

        1. re: Chrome_CW

          I have tasted Mike's cakes, and that's just the problem. They provide excellent product at their tastings, however, the quanitity of cakes they do per weekend and the intricacy of many of their designs requires them to freeze their cakes, sometimes for extended periods of time.

          The wedding cakes I've tried from them have consistently been dry because of it.

          1. re: ethereal

            That's a fair comment on your part then :)

            We were nothing but pleased with ours and both the sculptured (A banana cake with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting) and our traditional cake (a 3 layer cake consisting of 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla and 1 marble layer) went over huge at our wedding and everyone loved the taste.

            Perhaps we lucked out? :)

            1. re: ethereal

              We had Mike's for our Wedding (albeit 10 yrs ago) and it was just
              fantastic! Everyone raved over the design and the quality of the cake.

              1. re: kkak97

                Yeah we used Mikes in 2003 and it was delicious and unique.

          2. re: ethereal

            I have to second Hollyhock and Madison Park Bakery. My friends rave about both.

            My cake actually came from the Honeybear since it had to be vegan. Unfortunately they closed. If you require a vegan cake, Whole Foods and Flying Apron both will do them special order, fyi.

            1. re: lisaf

              Honey Bear is still open, it's just moved to Ravenna. It's now located inside Third Place Books. They are not predominately vegan though (nor were they at the old location).

              1. re: Lauren

                They are definitely vegan-friendly though... amazing what they can do without butter and eggs! Yum.

                There's also one in Lake Forest Park.

                1. re: Lauren

                  Thanks, I didn't know that they had a new in-city location. I didn't mean to imply that they were predominantly vegan, but did a great job with a vegan cake as does Whole Foods.

                  The other big cake shops in town aren't able or willing to accomodate.

                  It was chocolate with marizipan icing.

              2. re: ethereal

                We ended up going with Borracchini's for ours, just because most of our guests were from outside the U.S.. Borracchini's stuff seems to be more Old World and tastes a lot less sweeter and lighter than the others.

            2. We really liked Morfeys. Great, moist cake, tasty fillings and frosting.


              Morfey's Cake Shoppe
              110 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109

              1. Starry Nights catering in Kirkland has a cake man named Dan who does absolutely amazing cakes.

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                  1. My new wife and I got the most fabulous wedding cake our guests had ever eaten at Gelatiamo, believe it or not. It is definately worth a visit next time you're downtown. We also had our caterer serve Gelatiamo gelato.

                    Actually, I posted about it

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                    1. re: mrnelso

                      Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I'm going to look into Hollyhock, Madison Park and Gelatiamo. We sampled some cakes at Macrina that were excellent, they have an almond cake with chocolate ganache and seasonal berries that is sublime.