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Jul 24, 2007 08:37 PM

Where to get great Coffee/Bfast in Vegas

So, if you've got decent lunches and even bigger dinners lined up over a weekend (i.e., Mesa Grill, Bouchon, LOS, etc.), where would you recommend getting a really good cup of Joe and something simple for breakfast? Unfortunately, I can't eat three really BIG meals each day (thank God!), and wanted to get some tips on this area - we will be staying at the Venetian so it shouldn't be too far from "home." (I think I want to pass on the gigantic Vegas-style brunches for the same reasons...)Thanks, fellow chowhounds!!! :)

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  1. A search of the Southwest board will lead you to at least two recent threads about breakfast, coffee, & pastries in Vegas:

    1. Both of those threads are missing my one absolute favorite, THE place that I absolutely must visit every time I go to Vegas... the Peppermill. It's a classic coffee shop that runs rich with old-school Vegas style. The food itself is pretty good... not always amazing, but competent and solid fare. Portions are very large indeed. If you decide to order "The Fruit Salad" (said just like that), they bring you what looks like Carmen Miranda's hat. There's enough there for at least three people. The coffee is the best I've had anywhere.

        1. Esp. since you're at Venetian, croissants and coffee at Pinot Brasserie are not to be missed. Le Notre also does great pastries. I've heard Bouchon does a great breakfast but haven't had the chance to check it out yet.

          1. Upstairs in the shop area of the Venetian (St. Marks Square) is a nice place for breakfast, Tintoretto's (sp?). It's right next to Zefferino. They have an actual store which you can do takeout - just get some good coffee/pastries, etc, and they make excellent pizza back there too. But, the small cafe seating outside serves good breakfast and lunches (probably dinner too, but we never had dinner there). Breakfast is quite good and not such an "affair" as it would be elsewhere and you can get out relatively quickly. They are really nice there too - my husband once was dying for a frittata which is not on the menu, but they actually made it for him anyway.

            Pinot Brasserie is great as gpatterson mentioned and Bouchon is the ultimate for breakfast. We eat there nearly every morning when in town (we always stay at the Venetian). But, both will set you back a pretty penny - although I suppose you could just go for a continental style breakfast. Pinot is a lot quieter than Bouchon - which is a nice plus depending how crazy your night was :-)

            I know Bouchon now has a cart somewhere in the Square I believe, for pastries and coffee, someone else will have better info about that - it wasn't there yet the last time we were in town. And, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure you can do take-out from Pinot too.

            Canyon Ranch's food in the Venetian is actually quite good too - we've had lunch there and for healthy fare, it was innovative, tasty and you'd never know you were eating lowfat, or low-anything else. I'm sure the breakfasts are good too.