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Jul 24, 2007 08:29 PM

Acqua al 2 child friendly? Other gaslamp restaurant ideas with children?

We are staying in the gaslamp district for a weekend in August with our 7 month old baby. We've been taking her to restaurants since she was a few days old, and she always does great. She loves watching the action with us. We eat early at lively restaurants or on restaurant patios. We don't limit ourselves to "child friendly" restaurants (i.e. chains) but we don't take her to really quiet, romantic type places either. If they have high chairs, we'll be there.
Is Acqua al 2 a very quiet restaurant? or is it lively enough that most people won't notice a well behaved baby?

Alternatively, are there other restaurants that are busy on Friday/Saturday evenings within walking or short drive from the Marriott? We love authentic Mexican, Italian and grill food.

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  1. I've never tried Acqua al 2, but just about every restaurant in the Gaslamp is busy on Friday and Saturday evenings!

    1. All of Gaslamp is kind of a loud pickup area on Friday and Saturday nights. Moreso if the Padres are playing.

      1. The Basic Urban Kitchen on 10th is quite close by and a great choice. Simple menu (pizza with interesting toppings) in a converted warehouse. I took my kids there for lunch when we stayed at the Omni earlier this month. They loved it and so did my husband and I.

        The Red Pearl Kitchen is close by. Another treat!

        1. The owners have two small children and I am sure that they are aware of how to pelase a family.