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Jul 24, 2007 08:07 PM

Giada in DC

Did anyone see the show tonight? Got to say, even thought I'm not a fan, her ppl's research was a whole lot better than RR's peeps. What do you all think?

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  1. I sorta saw the show. I'm in a hotel room in the DC suburbs working and it was in the background while I was working.

    Any feedback on any of her suggestions? The Dancing Crab?

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    1. re: geg5150

      Welcome to DC! :) I don't know about the crab place since I've never been. However, her other 2 choices are both nice places to go. But then again, Cafe Atlantico is not really all that since there are so many similar types in the area. Such as Zengo, Zantinya, etc. They are all around the neighborhood of Chinatown/Spy Mesume. Happy Eatting!

      1. re: meimei

        btw, she visited Zengo in Colorado

    2. I saw the DC episode, and I was not impressed. The Dancing Crab used to be a top crab house. I don't know about now, but I suspect there are better examples, though maybe not in DC proper. The restaurant is not in Maryland as she said/implied. And she said that Georgetown is just outside of DC, when in fact it's a (very well-known) part of the city. Little stuff, perhaps ... but those are easy things to get right. Not having seen her show before I don't know if this is just how she is or I'm being overly picky, but IMO she came off kind of obnoxious in this episode.

      1. Ok so I just watched this episode.

        She got soooo many facts wrong its insane!

        She said Cafe Atlantico was in Adams Morgan. It's not even close to Adams Morgan. It's in Penn Quarter. Also when she was talking about the neighborhood of Adams Morgan she showed a bunch of restaurants...NONE of which were in Adams Morgan. All of which were on M Street in Georgetown. (Georgetown which is in fact IN DC not a small town outside of DC.)

        My TiVo actually cut out early so I think I might have missed the end of the show but I was screaming at the tv so much I stopped caring.

        It's beyond me why she didn't have research folks to fact check her voice over. It's really cool when shows like that come to DC. And I think she made good choices in where she ate (I saw The Dancing Crab, Citronelle, Cafe Atlantico, and the Dupont Circle Farmers Market..I might have missed something though) but I think a travel show should give accurate information. If folks are wandering around Adams Morgan looking for Cafe Atlantico they are going to leave sad and hungry.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          What's really pitiful is that DC has an office that assist TV and movie crews doing things like this - for free! - so that they can get things right. All they have to do is check in with the city. DC makes all the arrangements to clear parking spaces for them, etc. to make their lives easy. Part of promoting the city.
          The mistakes they made were just dumb. A high school intern could have gotten them right.

          1. re: MakingSense

            Speaking of fact checking- Rachel Ray's show from baltimore aired right before Giada's show on DC. She was talking about coddies (codfish cakes) while crabcakes were shown then when she was talking about the quintescential Baltimore food - the crabcake- they showed the coddie!! Talk about a major error!

          2. re: Elyssa

            I seem to recall that Cafe Atlantico used to actually be in Adams Morgan -- maybe 15-20 years ago --, and I also recall it used to change the menu entirely on a periodic basis. It also had dancing and a bar scene. Yesterday, when I was young......

            1. re: alkapal

              I didn't even know that Cafe Atlantico was around for 20 years. But I've only been living in DC for 3 years (off and on for 5).

              But even so its really no excuse considering the show couldn't have been filmed anymore then a year ago.

              FYI Cafe Atlantico still has a pretty cool bar scene. Not sure about dancing but you certainly can go to the lower level for happy hours and delicious drinks.

            2. re: Elyssa

              Ok, I didn't see this episode, but she ATE at the Dancing Crab? Seriously? They must have the greatest PR person is the world. Did you see the Golden Tee guys in the background?

              And as a Georgetown resident who actually likes being a DC resident, I'm offended that she thinks it's outside of the District.

              1. re: caphill2320

                I think she wanted something authentic to the area and crabs it is (btw...she had no clue how to crack was kinda funny) but I don't think there are any real hard-shell crab spots in DC proper.

                She should have gone to one in Maryland...close enough for a weekend trip to DC. Although the place I went with my Mom a few years ago in Rosslyn area was awesome (can't remember the name...maybe Quarter Deck or something)

                1. re: caphill2320

                  I should also mention that she wasn't ohhhing and ahhhing over the crabs. She just commented that they are a)hard to open and b) are a cross between shrimp and lobster.

                  It didn't seem like she didn't like it but she usually gets really animated when she likes something (like the dessert at Citronelle) and animated she was not. :)

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    She didn't know the trick about that little tab on the underside? As a native New Yorker, someone taught me that and it's saved me boatloads of time. Seriously though, Bethesda Crab House would have been a better choice.

                    The thought of her actually in Adams Morgan at night makes me laugh though. Fighting through the crowds outside Tom Tom with people dripping Jumbo Slice cheese on her shoes. Good times...

                    1. re: caphill2320

                      haha! or almost as good would be her trying to cut to the front of the line at M'Dawg or a falafel spot at 3am in Adams Morgan... I can't imagine Lollipop Giada (nickname for her among my friends- maybe it's the camera angle, but her head looks enormous vs. her body!) handling the angry drunken crowds ;-)

              2. I thought overall there were some good choices on the show, in terms of restaurants (I may be biased since I know Michel Richard's family, but I think most people can attest that his food is amazing, haha), but I agree that there were some glaringly obvious errors that were mentioned in the previous posts... when I saw Mie N Yu shown as one of the restaurants in Adams Morgan, and then Georgetown being described as "outside of DC", I started wondering if anyone had researched the information at all!

                Also, I've only been to Cafe Atlantico for dinner, but I've been meaning to go for dim sum brunch, and this show only really made me more inclined to do so... hey, if anything, the show was a good reminder for me to make a reservation! :-)

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                1. re: gyozagirl

                  I'm not saying she didn't chose some great restaurants...she chose excellent restaurants. But if you are trying to find these restaurants good luck! lol

                  Btw Cafe Atlantico's brunch is awesome! I went with my boyfriend and we had the entire tasting menu (I think it's like 30 courses or something). Not sure if they have that deal going on anymore but it was a major bang for your buck.

                  Just plan on not eating for the rest of the day and don't eat a heavy dinner the night before. We had to be practically rolled out of there. But it was well worth it.

                2. From today's Washington Post: Giada Gets an 'F' in Geography
         (scroll down)

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                  1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                    That's hilarious! Thank God someone official is calling her out on this! Thanks!

                    (btw everytime I see your screenname chocolatechipkt I crave chocolate chip pancakes for some reason. It's really not a healthy response to your name. :) )

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      LOL ... perhaps not healthy--but tasty! :-D