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Jul 24, 2007 07:41 PM

Fingerlakes restaurants (moved from Mid-Atlantic)

Im in Ithaca for the summer and I'm looking for a nice restaurant to go to this weekend. It doesn't have to be in Ithaca itself (i know the pickings here are rather slim). Anywhere within 30-60min would be fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone,

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  1. Depends on your definition of nice - but on the high end side we've been strongly recommended to the restaurant at Mirbeau Resort and Spa in Skaneatales. Haven't been yet, going end of August. Here's a link to menu:

    When I asked here for recs for the area the other day someone suggested Pangea in Ithaca. Again, can't speak to it myself but passing on the info.

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      Knapp Vinyards on the West side of Cayuga Lake (about 2/3 of the way up from Ithaca) has a very pleasant restaurant. I have only been there a couple of times for lunch, but both times the food was very good, and they serve a "Champagne Coctail" which they spike with different flavors of armagnac. It's really good!

    2. Just about an hour north of Ithaca on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake is a beautiful, and somewhat undiscovered inn called the Aurora Inn. Dinner on the terrace overlooks the lake. The food is good and not too pricey.