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Jul 24, 2007 07:28 PM

Kauai restaurants..

20 of us are going to Kauai. One of the places we are going to is The Beachhouse.
Any other recommendations? Any local places that we have to go to?
Who has the best shave ice? Saimin?
We LOVE food and are looking for that memorable dinner.

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  1. For shave ice, Jo Jo's is probably your best bet.

    Jo Jo's Clubhouse
    Mile Marker 23, Kaumualii Highway (Hwy. 50)
    Waimea, Hawaii 96796
    (808) 635-7615

    For saimin, Hamura's but people have been posting poor reports from what I've seen lately.

    Hamura Saimin Stand
    2956 Kress St, Lihue, HI 96766

    1. For higher-end dining in the Poipu area, you might want to check out the beginning of:

      Also, there have been many great threads about Kaua`i dining (Poipu to Princeville) recently on the board. I do not have them bookmarked, but a search of this board, should yield a ton of recs. Many were for family-style, inexpensive local all the way up to linen tablecloth spots.


      1. Make sure your reservations for the Beachhouse will fall during sunset! (IMO it's the primary reason to eat there)

        We had some great meals at: Tidepools (at the Hyatt in Poipu), Casa di Amici (Poipu area), Coconuts (in Kapa'a), Keoki's (Poipu shopping center).

        Not fancy but awesome: Puka Dog in Poipu shopping center

        Try to hit a farmer's market. They move to different places on the Island depending on the day of the week.


        P.S. I am new to the boards here and I can't believe HI doesn't have it's own section!

        1. Like other responses, we always enjoy the Beach House in Poipu. We try to be there for the sunset simply because of the great location. We alo really like Casa di Amici - great service and great food. We typically also go to Keoki's for happy hour because it is a fun hang out - can eat in the bar and listen to live music on occasion. There is also a Roy's in Poipu that is good.

          1. Here is a link to a long series of posts starting in May. One update on a spot listed in my contribution to that earlier thread -- As of July 12, The Kalaheo Steak House was "temporarily" closed with no re-opening date listed.