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Jul 24, 2007 07:02 PM

Niagara on the Lake - Stone Road Grill

Planning a wine tour day dinner at Stone Road Grille after reading a lot of great comments here about the restaurant. Website menu looks great but no prices!?

Can anyone who has been here give me a an idea of prices? Ball park for mains or overall price for 2 for appetizer, main, dessert...?


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  1. Prices are very reasonable. You can plan on about $60 per person for 3 courses without wine. If you phone the restaurant, they gladly quote current menu prices to you, or fax you a current copy of the menu.

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    1. I live just around the coner from the Stone Road Grille and go there frequently. The prices are very reasonable and the service, atmosphere and food are great. An excellent value and experience in a town where you can pay more and not enjoy yourself as much.

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        Two quick questions on Stone Grille:
        1) what is the "dress code"? Are jeans too casual? Are jackets necessary? (etc)
        2) any signature dishes to try?

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          Just happened to see this post, I am from NC. We went to Stone Rd Grill 2 yrs ago when we visited Niagra. We loved this place!! In fact, we went back for a second time on our 3 night stay. Dress is very casual. Prices were in line with what you would expect. I still remember the mussels and fries. We also enjoyed a dinner at Strewen Vineyard. We stayed at Everheart B&B which told us about Stone Road. I recommend it to anyone I know headed up that way.

      2. No prices??
        I was looking at the Stone Road Grille menu just 4 days ago because I took a day trip to NOTL on Sunday. The PDF menus for lunch and dinner both have prices listed right beside each item...

        1. I went this past weekend for our anniversary. With glass of wine, one soda, 2 entrees, and a split app, it was about $100. A bit noisy, but the service was great and the food was very very good. You do not feel like you are in a "strip mall" once you walk thru the door. The duck was cooked perfectly and the fries that came with the beef entree were some of the best I have ever had. Thanks to all on the boards who reccommended!

          1. I agree we went to the Stone Road grill a week ago for a romantic couple of days and the food was just GREAT. It does look like a strip mall and the decor is nothing overdone inside but the food and service is spot on and given it is in Niagara the wait staff know a lot about the wines. A recommendation without hesitation.