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Jul 24, 2007 06:15 PM

Refrigerate peanut butter?

Once in a blue moon purchase here, and I don't know what to do with it. Fridge or cupboard? I have a brand with no preservatives (nor sugar, salt, stabilizer)....I kinda hate putting it in the fridge because of the spreadability factor. While I'm here, what else can you put on a pb sandwich besides banana or jelly?

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  1. My mother used to put it in the refrigerator. I was always greatly bothered by it! Don't do it! What good is peanut butter if it tears apart the bread when you try to spread it?

    We buy natural peanut butter and never put it in the fridge.


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    1. re: puppymomma

      We use natural peanut butter at home, and I find that storing it in the refrigerator door keeps it from going rancid, but still allows me to stir/spread it.

      1. re: MMRuth

        It doesn't last long enough at my house to worry about rancidity. But if I wasn't such a peanut butter fiend I'd definitely put it in the refrigerator. i can't deal with that rancid taste. My husband can't even taste it.

      2. re: puppymomma

        If cold peanut butter tears your bread, you need to buy whole grain bread! And toast it a bit first. My refrigerated natural peanut butter never tears my toast...


        1. re: AnneInMpls

          Yes but that is contrary to what is my favorite bread to eat with PB which is Soft Potato Flour or Buttermilk Bread from Milton's

          Take Care

          - P

      3. mrs jfood has the natural that separates badly in the pantry so she keeps hers in the fridge.

        jfood's skippy low calorie stays in the pantry not the refrigerator.

        1. What can't you put it on? I'm of the belief that pb and ketchup are the master foods. One of them will go well on anything. :)

          For a sandwich, apples are nice, as are pickles. (Not for everyone, I admit, but still tasty.)

          I only put natural pb in the fridge. It keeps it from separating. Regular goes in the pantry.

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          1. re: Pylon

            We've always kept it from separating by keeping the jar upside down. I swear, no separating ever!


            1. re: puppymomma

              I do that with new jars so they mix without stirring. But they usually separate after a day or two. Maybe it's a brand thing. I usually go with Smuckers. What are you using?

                1. re: Pylon

                  It will still separate, but at least when you flip the jar over now the solids are on top and the oils begin moving back to the bottom. Of course I find myself stirring it anyway because I am concerned (perhaps irrationally) about using all the solids and missing out on some of the tasty nutritious(?) oil.

                  I'm using Old Dominion peanut butter since I am fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the roasting factory.

                  1. re: jzerocsk

                    The stirring is not just about nutrition, though that is important. It also keeps you from getting a mouthful of really dry PB.

                  2. re: Pylon

                    Oh, I get Teddy! It's my favorite. And I've never seen it separate.


                2. re: Pylon

                  mrs jfood went aerobic last night slowly stirring a new bottle. Then into the fridge. She asked if she could just pour off the oil and jfood told her it would change the flavor.

                3. If you're going to use it quickly you can leave it out. But the natural stuff will turn rancid after awhile, and you'll have to stir it whenever you use it.

                  When I was in eighth grade my sandwich was peanut butter, a slice of cheese, and sliced sweet Gherkin pickles. But don't just think sandwiches! Peanut butter can do a whole lot more. I have a recipe for an African-style stew with chicken, potato, yam, and spinach, with tomato sauce, hot peppers and peanut butter. (there's also a vegetarian variation that substitutes chickpeas for the chicken.)

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                  1. re: revsharkie

                    I ate almost the same sandwich through most of high school, though my pickles of choice were dill.

                    As for storage? We buy natural/separated and turn it upside down in the pantry until it's needed. Then I use a stick blender to mix it and store in the fridge. Since I started blending it with the stick blender I haven't had any problems with it getting stiff or hard. I've actually had the opposite problem - the peanut butter is too runny - it runs out the side of a sandwich, celery, etc.

                  2. You'll find a universe of peanut butter ideas in this thread. One poster even suggests a peanut butter and mustard sandwich!!


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                    1. re: PlatypusJ

                      honey or butter....or both....definately a yummy combo....