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Jul 24, 2007 05:33 PM

Eddie's Soda Shop in Queens

Is the ice cream good here? What do they offer?

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  1. Their strength is really in their whipped cream and hot fudge. Their ice cream is okay, but really nothing special. Their sundaes are small but wonderful. They are the real deal--not some phoney retro joint, in business, I think, since the 1920's. The only thing they serve that isn't ice cream is cappucino (with whipped cream). I happen to think their rum raisin is their best ice cream flavor, but anything tastes good with the whipped cream and hot fudge.

    1. i like their raspberry and cherry vanilla ice creams. my husband likes their coffee chip.

      1. Where's this? Can't seem to find anything in Google or the yellow pages.

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          It's on Metropolitan Ave. in Forest Hills. I agree with an earlier reply in that the ice cream is o.k., nothing special, but the fudge is great as is the caramel and marshmallow toppings. The homemade whipped cream, stright from a bowl in the fridge is fantastic. we usually go there one a year, and have for decades.

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            It's actually called Eddie's Sweet Shop. It's at 10529 Metropolitan Ave, right across the street from the Cinemart Theatre. It's a couple of blocks away from the Metropolitan Avenue exit on the Jackie Robinson Pkwy.

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              i agree - the ice cream is nothing special, but the shop is so authentic kitschy and cute. it's perfect after dinner or movie. their hot fudge is very good, however.

          2. my favorite sundae is coffee with marshmallow combo. kinda sounds like a weird combo, but it is so good!

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              It's really a shame because the place is so great looking, and such a fun, retro experience, that you do wish the ice cream were better. Definitely worth going once in a while if you live in Forest Hills or nearby.