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Jul 24, 2007 05:29 PM

What to eat at Trout and Pacifico?

What is the best to order to eat and drink at Trout and Pacifico?

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  1. At Pacifico, I like the queso fondido (sp?) which is so unhealthy, but really delicious. The meatballs are good, as well as the yard bird burrito. It's not the best Mexican, however mixing in the really strong margaritas and the outside patio, it's not a bad option on a nice night. Sometimes, it can be exactly what you're looking for.
    Not sure about Trout. For some reason, that place turns me off.

    1. Trout is not a food destination by any means. Think of a slightly better version of the Gowanus Yacht Club. That being said, when they have them the steamers are very good. Otherwise it's burgers, chicken sandwhich, or wings.

      1. The posole at Pacifico is surprisingly good.

        1. the best food to order at trout and pacifico is tequila or beer.
          they are nice places to sit outside and have a couple of drinks,
          but the food, while fine, is nothing to write home about.

          1. I like the nachos (w/no meat) and the mushroom quesadilla. They used to have a veggie tamale dish that was really nice that has since been taken off the menu- this is all at pacifico.