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Jul 24, 2007 04:54 PM

Dining within Boatride from Port Washington, LI

We are docking a boat for the season in PW. We are familiar with the restaurants (or lack of good ones) in PW but are wondering what might be available within a short boat boat ride of here. We are happy with anything but seafood. Would love a nice romantic Italian restaurant and some fun al fresco dining places. Your thoughts on places we can pull up and dock?

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  1. Am I reading this correctly, you are on a boat, but don't like fish? That's funny.

    The only place that springs to mind, is Prime in Huntington. Used to be CoCo's. I believe you can dock there (you could when it was CoCo's, call first). It's been completely renovated with a huge outdoor area. I have only been for drinks. It's beautiful inside and out. I have heard that the food is good, but pricey.

    It's not around the corner from PW, but in a boat, it's not too far.


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      Thanks, Prime does sound good, I remember CoCos. Hoping for a couple of places closer too, we are new to boating and work lots of hours so hoping for a few places that we can hit after work without driving too far or using too much gas.

      Not sure what boating and eating seafood have in common. Lots of people use boats for things other than fishing. I doubt if Donald Trump is catching fish in the mucky Hudson off his yacht and eating them for dinner. I do like fish, wish them well, like to see them just prefer not to eat them.