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Jul 24, 2007 04:45 PM

Elegant Scenic Restaurant in Newport Beach Area

Looking for an elegant scenic restaurant with good food (!) in the Newport Beach area--Laguna is also fine--where we can have a private party of 14 people on a Saturday night. Preferably not seafood. We are currently considering Maestro's. The restaurant at Montage was too pricey. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. 21 Oceanfront (very elegant restaurant on the Boardwalk - scruffier area of Newport, but beach view) or Le Quai (on a less scenic canal, but still on the water - small & romantic). In Laguna, Clae's, Splashes at the Surf N Sand (not overly thrilled about the food, but the scenery right on the beach is fantastic - might want to hit this for pre-dinner drinks!), 180 (or some number) at the Ritz-Carlton (but I prefer Evo, the wine/cheese/chocolate bar - no views, though!) or Stonehill Tavern on the patio at the St. Regis (distant view of water, but wil be less $$ than Studio).

    1. Mastro's Ocean Club would be a great choice. Just make sure you ask for a table with an view of the ocean. Another great place with great view that can accomodate 14 people would be First Cabin at the Balboa Bay Club.