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Jul 24, 2007 04:40 PM

Pumpkin Sunday Night

I ate at Pumpkin last Sunday night where they recently instituted a prix-fixe 5-course dinner for only $30. Dishes included a scallop crudo, a classic cheese, bacon & onion tart, salad, a choice between a fish and meat dish and dessert. As always the food was excellent. This is a fantastic deal that puts any Restaurant Week menu to shame! Sunday only as far as I know...

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  1. Is it a single menu for the night, or do they allow choices off their regular menu? Also, do they take reservations?

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      It's generally a fixed menu but with a few choices and, yes, they take reservations.

    2. Ive recently been to little fish (6th & catherine) on a sunday (come to find out the owners of pumpkin used to run little fish years ago) and they do a five course prix fixe only on sundays for $28 and agree this deal also puts rest. week menu to shame. scallops, crabcake, salad, choice of entree and choice of dessert. It seems since its been taken over by new chef in january the food has been nothing but top notch.