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Jul 24, 2007 04:23 PM

Kosher bakery Queens/Brooklyn

I need a reccomendation for a good parve layer/birthday cake. Queens is preferred, but Brooklyn is ok too. I am familiar with G&I & the other bakeries on Main Street in KGH, but never get more than a babka or mandel bread.

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  1. Try Beigel's on Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows/ Jamaica Estates

    1. I know that you requested a bakery in Queens but I have to say that it's worth a trip to Brooklyn to order one at Chiffon's on Coney Island Avenue. The quality of the cakes are consistantly fresh and good. I have found that many bakeries in Brooklyn make beautiful looking cakes but the taste of the cake leaves a lot to be desired and the cake itself is usually dry. The birthday cakes at Chiffon's are always fresh and moist, and look nice too. I made a large Bat Mitzvah party for my daughter in May and ordered all of the cakes from there. There were no complaints, only compliments.