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Near Pegu Club

Need a restaurant Rec. near the Pegu Club, on Houston and West Broadway. For Birthday dinner for 2 w/husband. Someplace nice, but not too pricey- OK if expensive but worth it. Has anyone been to Provence? They had such a bad review in the Times....has it improved? Thank you!

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  1. i was at Pegu Club a few days ago...i love their "Fitty-Fitty" (half gin, half dry vermouth, orange bitters)...

    My faves that are directly near there:
    -- Ushi Wakamaru for sushi
    -- Balthazar

    But Pegu is fairly central to most downtown areas: a ten-to-fifteen minute or a five minute cab and your radius can include Tribeca, Union Sq, West Village, etc

    What cuisines are you most interested in for this dinner?

    1. Savoy.

      I love the Pegu Club. I ordered a drink off the menu and it was a while in coming. Then the server stopped by to say they were missing one of its ingredients, so had sent someone to buy the missing liquor!

      1. the mini scallop burgers at pegu club are delicious and shouldn't spoil your appetite for dinner.

        lupa is right near there if you can get a reservation. relatively inexpensive for tasty italian in festive atmosphere.

        balthazar is a great pick.

        peasant (wine and more rustic vibe, okay italian) and public (great cocktails / good wine list australian fare w/ hip and trendy vibe) are both solid nearby choices.

        1. Omen
          Ushi Wakamaru

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            Lupa, Balthazar, I hear good things about Savoy & have never been, mayb Zoe? I'm undecided how I feel about the place but I think it can be a bit pricey for what it is...

            For low key, inexpensive but filling & delicious pasta (& pizza & salads,) I love Il Corallo Trattoria. Also a fan of the more casual, comfort food oriented Nolita House. They have some good wine & artisinal cheese deals in addition to the menu.

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              i had a very poor meal at Omen last weekend...i reviewed it separately...

            2. Lupa, Jane, Bellavitae, Aurora Soho, Po

              1. What's the deal with walking in to Lupa? Their only availability is at 11:00 pm on Friday. (shocker!) I'm intrigued by Aurora Soho and Jane. Are they both crazy-loud? Also, anyone been to Savoy lately? We haven't been in years, but it was truly amazing back in the '90's.

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                  Would you be hitting Lupa before or after Pegu? I've walked in early (6ish) at Lupa without a problem, but later it will be packed and very loud. If you can walk in, see if they'll seat you in the back, as the bar area gets nuts on the weekend.

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                    I haven't been to Savoy, but there was a recent poor review that you might want to look up.
                    Jane is a good solid American place--comfortable and relaxed. I've only been to Aurora Soho once. I loved my meal (polenta crusted fish) and dessert. My boyfriend's pork belly was woefully overdone, though. So, it's a bit uneven.