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Three nights in vegas...where must i go?

Hi fellow Chows,
I am coming to vegas for 3 nights this August. It is my first time coming and I am most excited about the food. I wanted to know the top-three places I should visit. I don't want to mss out. I am kind of interested in the celeb chef eateries, but really, in the end, its the food that matters most....thanks.

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    1. Olives in Bellagio is cant miss, do sit outside.
      Mesa Grill is the best of the 'star' chef restaurants, by far.
      Mandalay Burger bar is also off the hook

      But #1 is Sensi.. hands down.

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        mesa grill the best "star" chef restaurant..... not by a long shot, maybe the worst...

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          Lets agree to disagree, but I love the place. Ive never been close to disappointed but do appreciate your opinion. I found the food remarkable.

          Please, please, please if you are an east coaster like myself do not let yourself miss out on the in n out burger experience. It was truly up to the hype that was built up in the double-double.

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          Sensei is fabulous, I agree. Their bread is made in a tandoori oven and is the best I had in that town (hard to find good bread there, yes?)

          Absolutely disagree about Olives. Todd English is a good ten years past his prime. He prides himself on using seasonal ingredients, then serves butternut squash ravioli with sage in July! Very dissapointing.

          Michael Mina's Cookbook Tasting Menu was fantastic, as were the wine pairings. Staff was so wonderful, too.

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            Completely agree on the bread- some of the best I ever had was at Sensi. and if you like spicy dips, this is the place. Service was also wonderful as was the scenery.

            Only at Olives one time but I did enjoy it- I had the fungi pizza app and the grilled squid/octopus but have heard things on both ends in terms of the restaurant.

        3. Sensi
          Golden Steer
          Michael Mina

          Sensi is good and so is just about any place in the Bellagio but call before you go and make reservations.

          Skip the buffets all together.

          If you like steak and old Vegas style the Golden Steer at the Sahara is a fun and filling place to go, and they will tolerate your best Sinatra impersonation.

          I keep hearing good things about Areole and Michael Mina's but I have not been to either of these in Las Vegas. The other locations of both are excellent. In addition, Areole has wine angels to retrieve your bottle. Fun to watch and an extensive wine list if you are into wine.

          1. prime at bellagio
            alex at wynn
            l'atelier at mgm

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              How is Prime? I almost did it, and now I kinda wish I had tried it...
              Would you say it's better than Mortons and Ruth Criss ??
              Whats you take? Brian

            2. You know, it's tough because people seem to have widely varying opinions about every restaurant.

              But I loved Sensi, Delmonico and Michael Mina on my last visit (last summer). I also really enjoyed Okada. On previous visits I've had great meals at Nine, Prime, Le Cirque, Olives, Emerils. I'm sure I'm missing some. I think it's hard to go wrong with Vegas dining.

              1. my husband and i ate at emerill's for lunch, it was excellent. we also had our wedding dinner at mixx at the mandolay bay. its very expensive but a gorgeous view. at least go for a drink. believe it or not the italian restaurant at bally's is fabulous. go to effiel tower restaurant for a drink at night.....great views of the water show at the bellagio.

                1. B&B at the Venetian. It's Mario Batalli's place. The food is superb.


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                  1. personally i think that you have to do at least one buffet - i suggest the wynn for brunch/breakfast.

                    1. My wife and I always like Bradley Ogden in Ceasar's Palace. Never had a bad meal there yet, but it is pricey.

                      Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris had a wide range of bistro offerings and we enjoyed it as well. Reasonable prices and lots of choices made us want to come back.

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                        What did you have at Bradley Ogden?

                      2. I'm going to assume that on the first night, you win some money, in which case go to Picasso in the Bellagio. Chef Julian Serrano is an underrated genius and still holds his own, despite the competition having gotten so much stiffer since Joel Robuchon came to town. Let's assume that on Night Two, you come out even. I would then suggest heading over to the Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the Wynn. It's a fanastic value for what you get, which is wonderful stylish/casual dining with a view of the water show to boot. Another possibility is Bouchon in the Venetian. The quality of the food (whether you go for the seafood or "turf" fare) is second to none among the French bistros in Vegas. On the third night, you've lost a lot of money and you want to eat on the cheap. Head over to Paris and try their buffet, which has an interesting French theme to it, with delicious appetizers and entree items representing the various regions of France (Alsatian delicacies, Meditarrean seafood, you get the idea). Good luck to you!

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                          Well...thanks chows....just got back from an awesome week in vegas!
                          So, I ended up going to B&B, Embers steakhouse (at Imperial palace), burger palace, grand lux cafe, and the buffet at Bally's to name a few....
                          My favourite of them all was Embers- one of the best steaks i've ever had in my life. Medium rare, melt in the mouth. Came with a nice side of mushrooms and mashed potatoes. The bread was awful; crusty and stale. But I would return for the steak. No doubt worth it too...approx 22 dollars. Warning the decor is kinda outdated and cheesy.
                          B&B - I would have to agree with the above comment that it was underwhelming. I was expecting to be blown away. Maybe its because i've had good Italian food my whole life, but the offerings here were just not that great. For apps we had the calamari fritti, which was decent and not chewy in a lemon aioli type sauce with jalapenos. It was a unique sauce and I am still unsure if it paired well. We were served bread with no butter. Instead had to ask for oil/vinegar to dip, and were given very bitter olive oil. For the main, I decided to splurge and try the truffle pasta. It was basically wide noodles, truffles, and imported butter from Italy. The good: the truffles were shaved on top of the pasta at the tableside. The bad: It was over-salted and overwhelmingly buttery, to the point that it was unappetizing.
                          My friend had the steak, which she liked alot. It came bang on, cooked to medium rare as ordered. The service was interesting. It was group style, which at times was confusing, and at times entertaining. All in all, I probably would not return.
                          Bally's buffet - nothing good here. Mass quantities of food, most of which I would not order off a menu. .
                          Burger palace- Good. Not amazing, but good. McDonalds type fries. The decor is a flash-back. The burger is a half a pound, so nice and filling. Nothing spectacular, but a nice stand-by for sure.
                          Grand Lux Cafe- i liked this place. We had the breakfast. There was alot to choose from. Both the menu and the room is huge. Hashbrowns, bread, and sausages were delicious. grapefruit juice was 5 dollars, half of what the meal was. That was our only complaint.
                          I wish I could have eaten more.......but i will return to accomplish that soon.

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                            At least you came away with one memorable meal! My recs for your next visit:

                            Spice Market buffet (Planet Hollywood) - I much prefer it to the Bellagio which was underwhelming. Have not done the Wynn, which others have thumbsed up.

                            Rosemary's - get a cheap rent car for a day and tool around out west, finishing up with a fabulous meal at the best fine dining value in town. Read enough posts about LV here and you'll see the "name" restaurants are a total crapshoot. Rosemary's consistently delivers great food, great service and great values.

                            Lotus Of Siam - Amazing, especially if you are a fan of white wine. Arguably the best Thai in the country, easily the best in town and perhaps the West.

                            And I will second or fifth or whatever that emotion for Sensi in this thread. I typically avoid eating on the Strip at all costs, but we were totally wowed there and would gladly return, provided we're able to get in a lunch and a dinner at Rosemary's first.

                        2. I really like Craftsteak.

                          And JUST the banana cream pie at Emerils at the MGM.

                          1. where's burger palace? or do you mean burger bar at mandalay bay?

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                              no...its an old joint in the imperial palace....called burger palace....Like I said, its good and affordable, but not great.

                            2. I go to vegas 3 or 4 times a year and I gamble alittle and eat A LOT! My favorite "never miss" places are Rosemarys and Alize. Rosemarys is worth it even after a $30 cab ride! I also love the Lotus of Siam. If money is no object,say, after a big win on the Roulette wheel I had the absolute best meal of my life at Guy Savoy:)