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Jul 24, 2007 03:20 PM

Bruschetta @ Postino (PHX)

Postino Winebar has a Bruchetta plate that you can choose from a variety of options one of which is a Proscuitto with marscapone and figs. Has anyone had this? Are the figs dried? Where might one buy figs in the Phoenix area? Any ideas?


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  1. Yes. And you can get dried figs in most produce or bulk sections -- I know Sprouts generally has them.

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      I buy the black mission figs @ sprouts and do a goat cheese proscioutto roll up w/ arugula....similar to the bruschetta @ postino...just w/ out the's yummy!

    2. Figs are dried and rehydrated. Of all the bruschettas offered at Postino that is my favorite.

      1. Had it, and it is good. My personal favorite is the white bean (which is delicious).

        1. I love the fig bruschetta there...i think it's with marscapone, right? It's wonderful. I also really like the tuscan white bean one. And the one with salami. Delish!

          1. I also love the fig and marscapone bruschetta at Postinos - followed by the white bean and brie with apples. For fresh figs, we just bought some at Costco this past weekend which were very good. The farmer's market in downtown Phoenix also sometimes has fresh figs but they go fast.

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              I'm a little behind on this thread, but I made that exact bruscetta about a week ago with good results. Used the dried black mission figs from Trader Joe's although I have had Sun Maid varieties in the grocery store (Fry's) that aren't bad.

              Prosciutto and mascarpone from Trader Joe's.


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                There were fresh figs this morning (Sat) at the Phoenix farmer's market for $4/pound. The vendor also had some really nice herbs, greens and other little treats.

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                  I saw a sign outside Arnie's Health Foods on 52nd/Thomas today advertising fresh figs.