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Jul 24, 2007 01:55 PM

"Great Greek" Old School Food

Being from NYC I had found it hard to find good greek food, I mean really good greek food. There's a chain or two around that has greek, but it's like Domino's when you're looking for good pizza. But in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura Blvd, "The Great Greek" restaurant is the real thing.

Their Stuffed Grape Leaves "Dolmathes" and Spinach Cheese Pie "Spanakopita" are my favorites only second to "The Blue Mediterranean" salad. It has chunks of chicken breast sliced avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions capers and feta cheese, over greens all for only about $10 at lunch. I always order too much so I can bring it home and enjoy it for another meal.

Another taste sensation is their 'Tzatziki' with their warm pita bread for an appetizer is a mouthwatering experience waiting to happen.

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  1. Boy, you need to make it down to Papadakis Taverna, then... the Great Greek might be the best Greek in the Valley but it's definitely not the best in LA.

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      I tried PT 3 months ago. I hate to be a naysayer but as much as I wanted to love it because of the owner being so personable and hospitable, their avgolemono soup doesn't compare to The Great Greek. Also, I love the pita that the Great Greek has flown in from I believe Chicago. Whether or not it truly is doesn't matter. The entrees I had at Papadakis weren't memorable so I cannot give you specifics but I do remember a chicken breast being over cooked. Again, they were so hospitable maybe I need to give them another chance.

    2. Alexis Greek Cafe in Northridge is great

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          third Alexis, just fabulous!

        2. dolmathes at the great greek are the real deal - i get the greek sampler platter and get a taste of everything - lovely lovely lovely

          1. My husband is Greek, and is most impressed by the Greek restaurant "Sofi" in Los Angeles. He said it is closer to the real deal than anything else out here.The food is AMAZING. They have a lovely outdoor patio, but if you dine inside, on weekends they have live music.