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Jul 24, 2007 01:38 PM

Recommendations for Tampa/St. Pete

I will be delivering my son for his freshman year at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg in a few weeks and would welcome any and all recommendations for the area. I remember there were some very good Cuban restaurants in Tampa (Ybor City?).

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  1. My favorite Cuban restaurant is not in Ybor but in West Tampa on Colunbus Dr. It is called Arco Iris. Excellent food. And frequented primarily by the cuban natives.


    1. Cuban food in Ybor - Tropicana on 7th ave. Great cubans and deviled crabs. It's a very casual sandwhich shop. For more upscale in Ybor there is the Columbia, which is a staple of Tampa. Not far from Ybor is Hyde Park and there is a knock your socks off pizza place - Gourmet Pizza Company - they are a must try.


      1. All good options, but if you want to find the real Latin section of town with a half dozen very good Cuban and Latin restaurants, check out west Tampa. This is generally considered the area north of Kennedy Boulevard and south of Waters Avenue between I-275 and Dale Mabry Highway. You'll find restaurants like La Teresita - 3246 W Columbus Dr, For roast pork, would highly recommend one of the Pipo's locations.

        1. Being Cuban - try to avoid La Teresita - it used to be good but not so much. Try Las Margaritas 4031 West Hillsborough Avenue. Nothing too fancy but just like my mother and grandmother's cooking

          1. My favorite is Black Beans on Hanley Road in the Town n Country area. We had dinner there Friday night so I can give a recent review that everything was wonderful. I had roast pork with yucca and plantains and my husband had churrasco steak with moro rice and yucca. They also have excellent tres leches cake, sangria, and mojitos.

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              How was the service at Black Beans? I took my Cuban mother once and still had awful service there.

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                Service was much much much better! The silverware is already on the table and they have tablecloths now so the lack of a bev nap is not an issue ; )
                Our service was actually good last time we ate there. I know in the past it has been pretty bad so we always went with low expectations in that dept. There was also a manager on the floor the whole time we were there who seemed to be keeping things running smoothly.