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Jul 24, 2007 01:36 PM

San Diego Gaslamp District Good Eats please


I'll be among the hordes of convention-goers this week in San Diego and wonder if there are any recommendations by locals to find good eats - cheap or otherwise - in the Gaslamp District. Lunch? Dinner? Late night?

Also, anyplace that is worth a cab ride to?..........think fresh seafood! We are coming from Minneapolis ........


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  1. Point Loma Seafoods is inepensive, just on the other side of the bay, past the aiport- long walk or (if no traffic) short cab ride. There are other 'downtown/Gaslamp' threads going right now.

    1. Enjoy comic-con! Last year we eat lunch at Tin Fish one day, which is right across from the convention center. Excellent fried fish dishes and fish tacos. Also nearby for lunch options are Ciro's Pizza on Market and 6th and The Cheese Shop for sandwiches. (Not sure exactly where that is).

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        Cheese Shop is on 4th just north of Market- sort of just behind Hooters (same brick building)

      2. Hehe check out my post today, there are some good suggestions there. See you there!