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Chicago Style Popcorn?

Hey chowhounders.

When I lived in Chicago one of my favorite places to go was Garrett's for their amazing caramel and cheddar popcorn. In NY, Dale and Thomas sufficed but I have not found a great popcorn place here in LA. Any suggestions on places to go? I really need my caramel popcorn fix.

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  1. They sell it at the mini "farmer's market" on the food court level at 7th and Fig on Fridays. I'm guessing that maybe it's sold at other area farmer's markets as well?

    1. I get my fix taken care of at the Sunday morning (about 8:30 - 1-ish) Alhambra Farmer's Market. Off Main, 1 block east of Garfield (if going east on Main, turn right at the first light and you will see it half a block down on the left. They also have a guy there sometimes who sells funnel cakes. Another had roasted peanuts, grilled corn and sausages and a wide variety of asian veggies that I do not see at the Pasadena FM.

      1. I believe all the popcorn stores have closed. The ones they are talking about at the farmers market are the kettle popcorn, popped with some sugar. Like one other poster I order from Popcorn Palace. I think they have great cheese popcorn and much, much cheaper than Garrets. One trick, I order the refills rather than the cans. The popcorn lasts about six weeks. If you order during the summer have it shipped overnite, otherwise it gets soggy because of the heat.

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          Nope, incorrect. The popcorn sold at the booth at the farmer's market is definitely Chicago style. Mileena is right that they also sell regular kettle, but for sure also sell Chicgao style in addition to some other flavors. I think their spicy cheddar flavor is especially addictive.

        2. Just seconding mollymormon. It is sold at the farmer's market at 7th/fig in downtown. They are there on Thursdays and Fridays. They do sell just regular kettlecorn, but they have lots of other flavors including chicago style with caramel and cheddar. It's really great when it's warm and freshly popped!

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            Same at the Alhambra one I mentioned - although I cannot detect any Kettle Corn flavor in the Chicago Styled when I get it.

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              No offense, but Kettle Corn does not come close to Garrett.

          2. I miss chicago style popcorn too! i went to garrets (the one on randolph across from marshall fields) just about every week. please please, SOMEBODY has to know of a good place to get half cheese/half caramel in LA

            and no, NOT kettle corn. its a whole different breed. i'm talking greasy, soak through the wax paper bag and the paper bag, stain your fingers popcorn.

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                Popcornopolis at Universal Studios (www.popcornopolis.com) has very good Caramel Corn.

                I grew up in Chicago, but never heard of Garrett's, so I have nothing to compare to.

                But this is the closest I've seen to the Caramel Corn I used to get back there.
                They also sell their packaged product through the Famima! Convenience Stores. Not hot, can't be near as fresh, but good enough in a pinch.