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Destination spot for Pancakes and French Toast

I want the best pancakes and french toast I can get in Manhattan. I have heard great things about Clinton STreet Baking, Norma's and Sarbeth's. Are these destination worthy spots? Are there better pancakes elsewhere?

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      Totally disagree. Blue Fin's breakfasts are fine, but hardly a destination place.

    2. The best french toast I've had yet is at Markt or Five Points.

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        Five Points is very good but they don't always have it on the menu, or if they do, it changes from time to time. Sometimes it's banana stuffed. Sometimes it's brioche with ginger syrup.

        That said, I had a Cookshop version with some grainy bread that wasn't very good.

        I also love the creme brulee battered French Toast at the Neptune Room and Jane. As well as the French Toast at Balthazar or Pastis. Yum!

        Blue Ribbon Bakery's challah french toast is only OK. My favorites tend to be brioche based.

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          The french toast at Neptune Room rocks. They also have the same dish at Jane on Houston (same owners).

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            I can't speak to Jane's pancakes, but finally got to try the French toast on Sunday (the kitchen sent out a complementary plate for our party of six), and it was very likely the best any of us had ever tried -- almost too rich to take on an entire serving.

            100 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012

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              I think Jane's version cuts the toast too thick, for a 2-slice dish, actually, so you end up with a more custardy/creamy center. Neptune Room cuts it into 3 slices so you get more edge parts. :) In any case, it's dreamy.

      2. You can't go wrong w/Clinton St. Baking Co. for pancakes. For french toast, there was a recent thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/421591
        I'm adding Danal, Extra Virgin, Petite Abeille, and 9th St. Market to that list.

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          The pancakes at CSBC are very good, indeed.

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            The pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Company might indeed be the best in the city.

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              I heartily agree on the Clinton Street Baking pancakes. Here is my report on them from a while ago:


              My favorite french toast is at Taste, 3rd b/80th and 81st. Challah french toast, so moist in the center it is like custard - delish.

        2. the banana french toast with marscapone at extra virgin is really really good.

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            I couldn't agree more with the Extra Virgin shout out. The Banana French Toast is amazing and one serving can probably feed a small family.

          2. the restaurant at Fairway for pancakes

            1. The banana macademia nut pancakes and the caramel french toast at Norma's are fabulous..They are very, very sweet, but we love them...

              1. I love the lemon Pancakes at Popovers (87th and Amsterdam). They have some really great things there.....the popovers with strawberry butter are delicious, so are the cappucino eggs but i think they only serve them during the week.

                I've heard great things about B&H Dairy's challah French Toast. 2nd ave / st marks

                1. The banana pancakes at Cowgirl are insanely good.

                  1. My vote goes for Clinton Street Bakery. Their pancakes were delicious and fluffy. The guy sitting next to me got the french toast and I was tempted to ask him to trade 1/2 way through :)

                    1. I agree with an above post that liked Danal's french toast. I think they use quassants (sp). But I was disappointed the last time I was there, probably had my expectations too high. I also love the brioche french toast at Marquet. It is served with crem fresh and strawberries. Yum.

                      1. For pancakes, absolutely Clinton Street Baking Company. I'd probably cross Norma's off the list, and certainly Sarabeth's ... Sarabeth's is incredibly inconsistent ... sometimes they're incredibly dry, othertimes moist. It's just not worth the risk. Clinton Street Baking is consistently perfect ... especially the banana walnut. For French Toast, one place I think that is underlooked is Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental Columbus Circle. They serve cornflake crusted brioche french toast that's a real treat.

                        1. Good Enough to Eat. Amsterdam and 83rd.

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                            My friend and I meet up for breakfast every other week, and we decided to give Good Enough to Eat a try ... maybe I ordered the wrong thing; but, my muffins were really dry. We went around 8am ... I think they served us ones from the day before. What do you usually get there?

                          2. This is hardly a "destination" but the coffee shop on 88(?) and b'way (west side of street) has the most amazing blueberry pancakes. If I had a craving, it's where I would go.

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                              does this place have a name? (sounds facetious, but meant honestly as I'm interested in trying these!)