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Jul 24, 2007 01:17 PM

2 & 1/2 LA Hounds in Boston Aug 15-18

Hi, My husband, 8 year old son and I will be in Boston (Jurys Boston Hotel) early enough for dinner on the 15th and leave the morning of the 18th for Springfield to be with the family. Anyway, we will be packing our days with Duck Tours, Boston Science Museum, USS Constitution & maybe the aquarium not to mention the Public Gardens, Newberry Street (for me) and China Town for pot stickers and scallion pancakes to a place I cannot recall the name of but was nicknamed by my husband's frat bros Brezhnev's because the owner looks like him and whatever else we can cram in. We will be WALKING and taking the T. My husband went to school in Boston (20 years ago) and we go every couple of years. We will of course be going to the North End to eat as well. My requirements: GOOD Italian, seafood, ice cream & cannoli, places that are casual (by Boston's standards), appropriate for kids and not necessarily trendy. Looking for institutions that are not relying on their reputations only. I had a terrible lobster at Legal Seafood years ago. I want at least 1 good lobster roll with all of the stuff that goes with, maybe fried clams etc. and I don't mean from Faenuil Hall, no dis intended. I would like some suggestions for the North End. Do I remember Michaels as being a great bakery for cannoli? Thank you in advance!!!

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  1. For Lobster Roll and Fried Clams (and other fish), Neptune Oyster in the North End on Salem Street is considered the best in Boston by many.

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      Thank you paulgardner, I'm tasting them now!!!

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        Seconded, at least for the lobster roll; just had it for the first time two weeks ago - it's amazingly good. Best I've had in a long while (and I've been ordering them a bunch the last few weeks). You'll be paying top dollar, but they're great.

        Neptune Oyster
        63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

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          I love Neptune Oyster, but I was a little disappointed in my lobster roll, way too much mayo! The person next to me had the hot lobster roll and that looked much better. Which did you have? Also, had the fried clams which were phenomenal.

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            I only have had the hot lobster roll at Neptune. The problem I have with it is that the brioche roll overwhelms the lobster meat. So if I were to order it again, I would eat the lobster meat with a fork, which would leave a delicious buttered brioche roll to eat if I were still hungry afterwards. (Come to think of it, I might have done exactly this the last time was there!)

      2. Italian: Antico Forno, Pizzeria Regina (the original on Thacher St. only, avoid the satellite offshoots elsewhere), and Pagliucca's (all North End) will probably work as being both good and kid-friendly. The North End is on the Freedom Trail and can also be reached at the Haymarket subway stop (Green or Orange Line). Carlo's Cucina in Allston might also work (Green Line B-line, short walk from Harvard Avenue stop).

        Seafood: will second Neptune Oyster (North End). If you want to try Kelly's in Revere Beach (they have very good lobster rolls, roast beef sandwiches, and other take-out fare), you can get there via the Blue Line, a short walk from the Wonderland stop -- just note that they're take out only and you'll be eating outside -- and may find the surrounding hungry seagulls annoying; there's also a branch with indoor dining not far from the Wellington stop on the Orange Line. I'd also avoid any advice to try Summer Shack or Barking Crab, as the food is worse than that at Legal's.

        Cannoli: again, go to the North End for this. Modern Pastry, Maria's, and Mike's (roughly in descending order of excellence) are all well worth going to.

        Ice cream: best locally is at Toscanini's (Red Line, Central Square stop). Picco in the South End isn't that far a walk from Jury's and does excellent ice cream and respectable pizza. Emack and Bolio's is excellent and an easy walk away on Newbury Street.

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          Thank you bachslunch. You have given me many great options that are perfectly suited for us!!!

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            Hi Bachslunch, As I wrote, we only had 3 nights and 2 days so I really appreciate the succinct recommendations that you gave me. Our first night we tried to get into Neptune Oyster but there was a 45 minute wait which a couple people in our party that night felt was too long but since they don't typically eat in Boston, we had to wing it. So, since I didn't have my cheat notes, we started up the street and tried the first Italian place we found, (it was not Antico Forno which was just a couple of shops up). Anyway, I cannot remember the name but it was awful. I should have been clued in when I saw sushi on the menu and our server (who apparently was the bar tender as well), raved about the freshness of the fish. Duh. We tried a couple of rolls just for fun as appetizers. Nothing to write home about. Anyway, I ordered a spaghetti with clams & mussels. The shell fish was salty, salty, salty, and the pasta was way over cooked. Their table bread was awful. My husband had gnocchi which I didn't taste but he said it was ok. Too bad I didn't have my notes because we were so close to Antico Forno. Anyway, we did go back to Neptune Oyster the next night, (without the impatient locals) and had an awesome meal. I had my lobster roll and it did not have too much mayonnaise. The fried clams were awesome. The clam chowder was not what I expected although it was good but as I said, it wouldn't have been my choice in styles. It had a lot of onion and potato and the stock was thin but nice and briny. My husband had salmon with pea shoots and duck and it too was exceptionally well executed. I get teased by him for getting essentially picnic food at an upscale place but I told him, I want the quality! Our son shared everything and we left full and happy. We went to Toscanini's and it was really good but I have to say that after making a pilgrimage to North Hampton to Herrell's, for me it didn't compare. I love Steve's ice cream!!!!!!! We went to Antico Forno and had very nice salads, and a great pizza. The atmosphere was perfect for us. After that dinner, we walked over to Maria's and had cannoli. Again, thank you for all of the great recommendations. I hope to do this again next year. Well, maybe we'll do Cape Cod or go back to Nantucket. We'll see how I feel in a year.

          2. From your hotel, you're an easy walk to B&G Oysters, which has a great lobster roll (as well as a lobster BLT), fried clams, and a small menu of other great seafood items. I'm a big fan of Neptune, too, but I prefer the lobster roll at B&G. You can't go wrong with either.

            Also, not far from your hotel is a tiny breakfast-and-lunch-only place called Rachel's Kitchen, which serves hot lobster rolls only on Fridays.

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              Thank you Blumie. How are RK's breakfasts?

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                Their egg sandwiches -- if you order them on brioche -- are among the best I've ever had. They also are able to take a simple item, like a bagel and smoked salmon, and make it extraordinary because of the care they put into preparing each item. They also serve fresh oj and great lattes.

                Note, however, that the place is TINY so it can be very cramped. And because of the care they put into preparing each item, it can take a long time to get your order. (I always call in my order in advance, even if I'm gonna eat there.)

                You can get more details and see their menu here: . If you go, make sure to look at the specials on the small cork board to the left of the counter.

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                  By the way, your hotel offers a decent, even if not extraordinary, breakfast too.

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                    I did read that. Thanks for the confirmation!