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Jul 24, 2007 12:52 PM

How's the chow in Rangeley, Me?

We haven't been to Rangeley in 15 years - thinking of headed over there in our RV. Last time we were there the Rangeley Inn was a reliable spot - is it still good and are there any other places we should try? We're willing to tour about the area as well!

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  1. Thai Blossom Express downtown for authentic Thai and a great story -- be sure to read the blown-up newspaper clippings on the wall; the guy's a gen-u-ine hero. For a sporting camp experience, head to Bald Mountain Camps in Oquossoc. Great location on the lake, wonderful atmosphere, good food, can't replicate experience.
    Ask locally about the Rangeley Inn, it's had its ups and downs over the past few years--it was pretty mundane last year. Friends have had good meals at the Hungry Trout, solid, but not fancy. Go to The Country Club Inn for retro continental fine dining with to-die-for views. Gingerbread House, in Oquossuc, is reliable and it also has an old fashioned ice cream counter; one of the most popular restaurants in the area--casual not-quite-fine dining at dinner. Loon Lodge has yet to live up to the reputation of the previous owners and chef. The chef now owns and operates the Porter House in Eustis, north of Stratton, and that's well worth the 40-minute drive (just watch out for moose). I think Hugs has closed its Stratton location, but if not--and it's still under the same ownership as the Sugarloaf one, it's pretty decent Italian.

    1. I went to Rangeley Maine twice last year. I went to the Gingerbread House in Oquossoc for dinner one night. The food was very good but pricey IMHO. I also went to the Four Seasons Cafe in Oqossoc a few times. On Thursday night they have a 2 for 1 prime rib or fried clam dinner special. I got the fried clam dinner and it was delicious. I also went to the Four Seasons Cafe to pick up some take out for lunch. Everything was good including their nachos, pizza and chicken sandwich. They even have poutine on the menu. Next time I'm in Rangeley I'm going to try their poutine. For lunch I went to Parkside and Main in Rangeley. I got a cheeseburger and fries. The place was busy and service was slow. The food was okay but nothing special. I can't wait to return back to Rangeley.

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        For a nice dinner I love going to the Gingerbread House, I have never been disapointed in their dinner or dessert and their breakfast is very filling!

        It might look kinda shady but Sarge's -right across from the Rangelely Inn has fantastic burgers and a decent jukebox.

        There is also a fairly new Italain restaurant downtown, but we didn't get to try it.

        If you want nice scenery but a very limited menu-the golf club's restaurant has great views-and if you go, reserve a window seat and if it is around dusk, you will probably see the deer playing around

        The one thing I really miss is Fritzy's Donuts-I still dream about his coffee rolls.

        And don't forget the Red Onion for pizza. There is one that has garlic and zuccini on it and it is my favorite!

        I wish I was up there right now!

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          I meant to add Sunrise View Farms makes their own strawberry jam-every year I buy at least 5 jars because it is so good and fresh. And they have the sweetest dog woh likes to play catch