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Jul 24, 2007 12:48 PM

Time for Olvera Street to come clean

I'm sorry, the avocado sauce you get with today's taquitos just isn't the same. It's clearly lacking a good bit of avocado. And it really comes out in the hue, consistency, and above all taste.

I recall about 8 years or so ago when the city jacked the rents seemed not long after the taq merchants started to meddle with the product, perhaps in order to survive the new rent regime. In any case, I'm calling foul on today's taquito sauces, up and down the street, because they definitely have too much tomatillo (or whatever green additive that is) to salve this native's taste buds.

Anybody else out there concur? Some of those guys, like the lot at my long-time favorite El Rancho Grande, have been working for ages...perhaps grilling them over their taq/woks for a few minutes might shed some light on the matter.

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  1. Olvera Street is touristy crap. I worked for years in the court buildings just a couple of blocks away, and we quickly learned our lessons. Upwards towards Chinatown, Phillippe's, East Side Deli, or further north to Carnitas Michaocan or Nick's for ham. Or out in the other directions to Japantown, Grand Central Market, or out to Langer's. Never, never Olvera Street, unless the person hosting the party or object of affection dearly needed a margarita.

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      The carnitas plate at La Luz del Dia has always been 'worth a detour' for me. Truely great tortillas too.

      1. re: AAQjr

        Yup! Best homemade tortillas in two too! :D


        1. re: AAQjr

          BTW, their chicharrones with the red sauce is absolutely out of this world. We always split one of those with our carnitas plates. Someday I just want to have one all to myself.

        2. re: nosh

          YES!! CARNITAS MICHAOCAN!!!!!!!! try their nachos with meat and rice. truly wonderful and truly life-shortening.

          1. re: nosh

            The taquitos at Cielito Lindo (at the end of Olvera Street) were as good as always the last time I had them, a few months ago. The sauce there has always been a hybrid guacamole with a lot of other flavors besides avocado. When I was a kid my dad and I would drink the leftover sauce after eating taquitos. That was 40 years ago. For this native the taste is perfect!

            1. re: nosh

              *Cough* Its called Little Tokyo not Japan Town. I agree with the OP, the sauce is a bit runny but are some good places to eat in Olvera Street. FYI- expect the rents to go up again.

              1. re: kek is khmer

                I have a friend (Japanese/Okinawan/Phillipino/American) I have know 37 years and he refuses to call it anything but J-Town and the family is the same way. Interesting.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  You're right, if they go back more than about 35 years it's J Town. Since all the redevelopment (Little Tokyo Plaza) it's more common to call it Little Tokyo.

            2. Yup, Luz del Dia is good and not terribly touristy. And I've had some nice meals at La Golondrina, tourists notwithstanding.

              1. quit hating on tourists! they keep people in business and add to the *desire* to live in la.

                as for olivera - there have always been good places and bad places - it's what it is. sometimes you get a stale churro. la luz is delicious. and, really, everything there is delicious b/c it's walking distance from work!