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Jul 24, 2007 12:40 PM

Chinese in Santa Barbara?

Craving take-out Chinese. Which is best? I'm not a fan of overly Americanized Chinese (like Jimmy's used to make), I'm more in the mood for food in the style of NYC's or SF's Chinatowns. Where should I go???? I know I won't find anything as good as a big city but hoping to find a reasonable facsimile...

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  1. My favorite is the China Pavillion, corner of West Anapamu and Chapala, next to Restaurant Ground Zero on West Victoria Street.

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    1. re: glbtrtr

      I second China Pavillion. It seems SB is a little light on good Chinese spots though, in general.


      1. re: MunkeeCIAO

        Pretty nice reviews for China Pavillion - guess we were right. (!)

        1. re: glbtrtr

          I agree, China Pavillion is the best. Their dry sauteed green beans are extremely good, as are their "soup" dumplings (Shoa long bao)

      2. re: glbtrtr

        Ask around about Red Pepper in Goleta- on Orange ave...ask for secret menu.