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Jul 24, 2007 12:22 PM

Need a lunch spot for 25 people near Branford, CT

Hi all,

My office is taking a cruise from Branford around the Thimble Isles and we're looking for a lunch spot for afterwards, around 2:00ish. The Chowderpot is an option, as is "The Place".

Any other ideas in the area? Something casual that can handle a group, and nothing too ethnic for this crowd. Seafood, American, pub style, BBQ, etc. are best. Outdoor patio is a very nice plus.

Thanks so much in advance for any ideas.

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  1. I think Chowder Pot is the best option for this size group. THey can handle busloads, and fussy eaters are always satisfied. Something for everyone there. 2 o'clock is a quiet hour; I bet Lenny's Indianhead Inn could also accommodate you guys if you called ahead to be sure and if you want something more casual, like lobster bake, etc. Sometimes Lenny's can get pricey, but it is a little more rustic/locals with marsh views.

    1. Cookhouse-- BBQ
      Su Casa-- Mexican
      SBC Brewery

      all in Branford.

      1. I Im hoping to send you a site that will give you some places to try in the Branford area. Type in Branford Ct. and try it ,Good luck . Earle

        1. Chowder Pot is a good choice - although it tends to be noisy and loud, but the food is usually good. Stay away from Lenny's Indianhead - food isn't that great (it used to be but has gone downhill - prebreaded frozen shrimp yuk). The Place is probably too small and is outside - take bug spray. Dockside has an outdoor screened-in eating area and is right in a marina and has good food. Cookhouse is fun and has good food for what it is - barbeque. SBC is also fun, has tasting fleets of beer, food is good, maybe not great but I did have a good prime rib there and some good appetizers. If you want Italian, try Anthony's in Guilford - good food and can handle a crowd.