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Jul 24, 2007 12:17 PM

Making a dish tonight, taking a poll...

I planned on making this farfalle pasta dish with pesto and grilled chicken slices all mixed together. Question is should I serve it warm (make it and immediately serve) or room temp/cold (make it in advance and throw it in the fridge). I was going to serve it with a nice cool insalata caprese if that makes a difference. Thanks for the input.


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  1. Warm.

    I prefer such dishes to be heated as the warmth to be more satisfying to me.

    1. If you make it ahead of time, the pesto will turn brown - you could do a combination of arugula and basil or parsley and basil. Or make a pesto vinaigrette - add a little vinegar and some extra olive oil. Although, even it browns, it will taste good.

      1. i think it should be warm as well. the caprese will still be delicioso!!!!!!!!

        1. I would serve it fresh, the pesto might separate and can be too sticky if it is colder

          1. Warm. Make it & serve immediately sounds good.
            (And with cool-Yum!)