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Making a dish tonight, taking a poll...

I planned on making this farfalle pasta dish with pesto and grilled chicken slices all mixed together. Question is should I serve it warm (make it and immediately serve) or room temp/cold (make it in advance and throw it in the fridge). I was going to serve it with a nice cool insalata caprese if that makes a difference. Thanks for the input.


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  1. Warm.

    I prefer such dishes to be heated as the warmth to be more satisfying to me.

    1. If you make it ahead of time, the pesto will turn brown - you could do a combination of arugula and basil or parsley and basil. Or make a pesto vinaigrette - add a little vinegar and some extra olive oil. Although, even it browns, it will taste good.

      1. i think it should be warm as well. the caprese will still be delicioso!!!!!!!!

        1. I would serve it fresh, the pesto might separate and can be too sticky if it is colder

          1. Warm. Make it & serve immediately sounds good.
            (And with cool-Yum!)

              1. Definitely warm. And how coincidental. Except for the shape of the pasta, I'm making just about the same thing tonight!! Thinking about substituting sauteed pork medallions for the chicken, as well.

                1. add another vote for warm. cold chicken on pasta is well, so yesterday, feel more like leftovers than a pleasant meal that was just prepared. The Caprese will be a wonderful side as well. Pesto , chicken, tomatoes and mozzy are a combination perfecto.

                  1. thanks everyone for pushing me to serve it fresh and warm right out of the kitchen. this was clearly one of the easiest really tasty dinners i've done. grilled some chicken and plated the caprese as the farfalle cooked. then drained the farfalle, tossed in my pesto, along with some extra fresh basil, sliced the chicken and tossed that in as well. grated in some fresh parmigiano-reggiano. plated the pasta. done.

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                      Wow that sounds great! My basil plant is going crazy...and I have chicken thawed for tonight. Guess what I'm making. Thanks for the idea, prcentauri!

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                        Sounds delicioso. A few juicy ripe tomatoes might be a nice addition.

                        1. re: bear

                          And the right red wine to go with it.

                          Any suggestions?