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Jul 24, 2007 12:02 PM

Recent Thoughts on The Penthouse (Huntley Hotel)

Anyone been to The Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel recently? The review from February were not super but I'm wondering if they worked out the kinks by now.

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  1. Food is inconsistent - either very good or very bad. But it's still the best room in town.

    1. I have been twice and thought the food was pretty good, but VERY expensive for what it was. The room is gorgeous and chic. I would probably just go for cocktails.

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      1. re: michellemabelle

        I completely agree. Go for drinks. If you must eat there, be prepared to over-spend. It won't be inedible, but it won't be remarkable in any way.

      2. Wasn't that a Mexican restaurant a long time ago? Or was I hallucinating?

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          1. re: Raymondo

            Toppers put out chips and salsa during happy hour and had a quesadilla on the menu, but I wouldn't call it a Mexican restaurant.

            I don't know what came before Toppers.

            1. re: Wolfgang

              I think at one point in history, it was Poncho Villa--also a "Mexican" restaurant.

              1. re: fdb

                Well if we go back far enough, it was called "Gates of Spain." I don't ever recall a memorable meal in any of the restarants' incarnations.... The northwest side for drinks was always the call - chips and margaritas and a sunset view.

          2. Food is uninspired and overpriced. Drinks and view are great!

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            1. re: hrhboo

              Reports are that Lindsay Lohan and other stars were there last weekend. 'Nuff said.

              A shame to have lost the old Toppers, where even a nonstar without an entourage or even a reservation could come up that cool elevator, take a seat inside (without a security guy outside or a doorman), and for the price of a drink or two enjoy a spectacular view and sunset and even chow on a simple mexican buffet. You don't know what you got till its gone.