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Jul 24, 2007 11:23 AM

Farrah Olivia - recommendations on what to order?

We're going to Farrah Olivia in Alexandria for the first time on Sunday night. Any recommendations on what to order (or what not to order)? Also, is the outdoor seating pleasant or does traffic noise/fumes intrude? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  1. Went there about a month ago. The standout entree when I went was a scallop entree on a bed of creamy grits with truffle oil - delicious, but very rich. I also enjoyed the potsticker appetizer. The desserts didn't thrill me, and neither did the pork tenderloin (the pork tenderloin was cooked fine, but I didn't find the preparation to be that much better than something I could do at home).

    I would actually prefer the inside at this restaurant. The patio is okay, but it is stark and just faces the traffic near Washington street. It's not set annoyingly close to the street and is large enough (so there are no fumes), but the atmosphere didn't excite me - and I am the type who likes eating outside when it is a nice setting. The inside, by contrast, is quite pretty in a modern, minimalist kind of way.

    1. I want to provide the caveat that the only time I've been was for Winter Restaurant week.

      Food was wonderful. Very different presentation and excellent flavors. Interesting items on the plate, including various flavored caviar and powders that accentuate the dishes.

      It was a while ago, but I do remember having red meat for my entree. It was on a bone, tasty, and tender. My dessert was french toast-esque with incretibly fresh berries and a berry sauce.

      Service was wonderful, and I believe it was a good value (after comparing to regular prices on the menu).

      My only complaint was that portion size was small. For RW, of course it was a great deal, but had I paid full price for the portions I would've been disappointed. Then again, the portions might have been scaled down for RW.

      Wensleydale, I'm curious to hear your assessment after Sunday. Please provide a review after dining there.

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        I suggest the tasting menu! It's a real roller coaster of exotic tastes. Also, it's worth a try for Sunday brunch. My service was slow (perhaps I was more sensitive as I had a 6- and 9-yr-old in tow), but I had two appetizers that were both mind-boggling. A gorgeous House-made lamb sausage with an intense mint sauce, and the best smoked salmon of my life -- served with a corn cake that floated off the plate, a big dollop of red onion marmalade, and a little line of Middle Eastern spices that just exploded in flavor. While they've done a nice job with the interior, it's hard not to be reminded that it's attached to a grocery store, and I would agree with the advice on the outside patio. In all, I think this is one of the most exciting additions to the DC dining scene in years ... right up there with Komi.