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Jul 24, 2007 11:18 AM

Which wineries have restaurants in N. Cal?

Looking to visit wineries in Sonoma or vicinity with above average restautants. Any recommadations would be appreciated. Thank's ya'll!

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  1. Very few. BATF or state regulations don't allow wineries to have restaurants or sell picnic supplies.

    Notable exceptions include V. Sattui, who was grandfathered in because he'd been doing it before the law went into effect and a winery up in Alexander valley if memory serves. The Alexander valley one is listed in Zagat if I recall, and it's your better bet for decent but not necessarily chowish food.

    Now, if you want to visit restaurants that have lots of local wines, most of the better places in Healdsburg make an effort to represent good local producers, as do many restaurants in Napa county.

    1. Domaine Chandon in Napa has an upscale restaurant. I haven't been there to eat only to taste the sparkling wine. It is a very nice setting and I have heard good things about the food.

      1. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredible restaurants in wine country. They range from cheap eats to the best restaurant in the country in The French Laundry. Do some searching on this board for restaurants in wine country (search for keywords Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg).

        1. Chandon, Niebaum Coppola, and Wente have restaurants.

          V. Sattui and Viansa are tourist traps.

          I think the lack of restaurants is due mostly to county-level land use regulations. Wineries are mostly in areas zoned for agricultural use. Tasting rooms are permitted but strictly limited.

          1. Niebaum- Coppola (renamed Rubicon Estate) does not have an actually restaurant, although they do some food and wine pairing, like a lot of the wineries do. Besides that, Domaine Chandon is the only winery in Napa Valley that has an actual restaurant.
            Ledson over in Kenwood(Sonoma Valley) has a gourmet italian deli, and a lot of the wineries over there do some nice food and wine pairing.
            Russian River Vineyards has a restaurant called Stella's, and Chateau Souverain has a very good restaurant for brunch, lunch and dinner.

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              Sorry I wrote that wrong:
              V Sattui has a gourmet italian deli, Ledson has more of a gourmet marketplace where you can get cheeses, breads, etc

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                There's nothing gourmet about V. Sattui.

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                My bad, I thought Mammarella (Rubicon Estate's wine bar) had food. Just wine and coffee?