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Jul 24, 2007 10:53 AM

What to order at Keen's steakhouse?

We are taking out-of-towners there. Obviously STEAK, but what about appetizers, side dishes, desserts? What is good there?

Also, what is the dress code? One of our guests seems to wear nothing but shorts and rubber sandals with socks. Will that be a problem at Keen's? I hate to have to to say something to him, but I will if necessary.

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  1. Lamb chops are very good as is the famous Mutton Chop (sort of like a prime rib version of a lamb chop is the best I can describe it). I once had a delicious sort of ice cream sundae there for dessert. As far as dress - personally, I'd lose the socks with the sandals, LOL, but I think they'd be ok. I'm sure others will chime in with differing opinions.

    1. The mutton chop over steak, definitely. I like the oysters, crabcakes, and glazed carrots. Potatoes are average. Don't recall the desserts (usually too full).

      As for dress code, who's your guest, Mario Batalli? Tell him to put on some big-boy pants.

      1. Keens is our favorite steakhouse. But I think their lamb chops are some of the best anywhere, and my husband likes the signature mutton chop (which actually isn't mutton). Steaks don't come with sides, but some dishes do. So, ask before you order to avoid duplication. Sides we like: creamed spinach, haricots verts, carrots, green asparagus, and hash browns. We usually start the meal with a shrimp cocktail and always end with the wonderful Coffee Cantata, which is probably the sundae jules was referring to. While casual dress is acceptable, I'd draw the line at shorts.

        1. i agree with most all of the above (though i've never had the mutton chop myself)...but i'd say that the lamb chops and the prime rib are arguably better than the steak...and Keens has the best single malt scotch and small batch bourbon selection in town...

          1. I had the braised short rib at Keens on Sunday--excellent and comes with accompaniments. The creamed spiniach is quite good. The prime rib hash on the pub menu is a huge favorite of a family member--she refuses to order anything else when we eat there. You can ask for the pub menu even in the dining room.