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Jul 24, 2007 10:49 AM

Best "joints" in Manhattan.

Forget atmosphere. Bring on the deliciousness. What are the best food "joints" in Manhattan.

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  1. I like Bereket for great Turkish kebaps and lentil soup. It is very clean, but no atmosphere or decor. The men behind the counter are a bit gruff, but very efficient and seem to take pride in their work.

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    1. re: lucybobo

      Amen to Bereket. I eat there all the time.

      I disagree with the staff being gruff. I find that I get hit on the whole time I am in the place so I take my food to go. I usually take it over to Roosevelt Park/ABC Park on Houston between Chrystie and Forsyth. It is a nice park in which to eat hummus and warm pita bread, red lentil soup, and too much baklava.

    2. Ali Baba for Turkish cuisine and Tulcingo del Valle for great Mexican food

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        We finally ate at Ali Baba again the other evening. Hadn't been since they moved to their current location, and I would definitely not describe it as a joint. The decor, while not fancy, is quite pleasant. The food was very good.

        1. re: RGR

          Funny, I've never been to eat-in at Ali Baba, but order it for delivery once/week. I've walked passed the restaurant many times, and wouldn't consider it as a destination restaurant. Yes, Ali Baba is a "joint," IMO, RGR. To each, his own.

        2. re: LeahBaila

          ha! just a had tulcingo chicken enchilada for dinner -- so friggin' good!

        3. Benny Burritos on Ave A and 5th st., Mamoun's for falafels on McDougal, Bleeker Street Pizza's Nonna Maria Pizza (the best gas oven pizza in the city, aside from maybe Nick's, which is on the upper east side), shake shack (though the lines are ridiculous, it's almost not worth it), the burger joint (at the parker meridean, though it is a cheap joint), Bite (a sandwich place on Lafayette and Bleeker), Suzie's or Sammy's Noodle Shop for Chinese (both in the Village), Bodeguita Cubana on East 10th St. has amazing Cuban

          1. There's a great cuchifrito place in Spanish Harlem where no one speaks English, you can buy whole slabs of chicharron and gobble it down with horchata and morcilla for $5. Amazing place that I visit whenever I'm in the neighborhood. Also try the Mexican restaurants in the area (La Casa de los Tacos is the one I visit, I believe). The Thai restaurant in Chelsea Market is low on atmosphere but HIGH on taste and value. Chowhounders also know of my undying love of Nick's, the greasiest spoon in all of the UWS.