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Jul 24, 2007 10:40 AM

Baltimore- wireless and good food?

My partner and i often spend 2-3 days a week telecommuting, and we like to get out of the house to do it (downtown). We had been spending most of our time at Kiss Cafe in Canton, but the service is often miserable, and the food spotty. We have also tried Metropolitan (also questionable service), Harvest Table (wifi SUCKS), and Cafe Latteda (nicer service but really dark). i guess i keep hoping we're going to find some hidden treasure. Anyone have any suggestions for a comfortable and friendly environment with decent food (and functioning wifi)?

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  1. Not sure what you're looking for as far as food and service, but Daily Grind in Fell's Point is a nice coffee spot w/ decent pastries, bagel sandwiches, etc., and I've never had a problem w/ their wireless. Bluehouse (on Fleet, I believe) has wireless and great coffee/teas, but I don't know what they serve as far as food. I'm also pretty sure I saw a wifi sign in the window of MaGerks (sp?) on the corner of Charles and Cross Sts in Federal Hill. It's a bar w/ pretty typical food to match, but it might be a nice change from your standard wifi and coffee spot.

    1. I can't say enough good things about Teavolve on Eastern Ave. in Fells Point. I've only eaten there once - one of the paninis, but I remember it being tasty. Definitely has WiFi. The owner is usually the one making the tea drinks and is so nice. I meet a friend to work on our dissertations here, every once in a while when we are not avoiding them.

      Smedley's is also close on Fleet, I think. I had some tasty soup there one day and the WiFi seems solid.

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        Does Teavolve serve coffee drinks too? I've been there once - and loved it - but my partner, who I work with, is not a big tea drinker. Also wasn't sure if the tables were big enough to work comfortably. Looking forward to their new Harbor East location though!

        I was a big fan of Smedley's for a while, but I could never get my wifi to pick up there no matter where I sat. The owner Helena (with her husband Bob) make all the dishes herself, though I wish they would utilize that big kitchen space more and make the food to order. Her cheesecakes are especially good, and the menu changes frequently.

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          I don't think they have coffee, but they have so many amazing teas, that you could ask the owner to recommend a tea for someone who likes coffee, and I think she would have one. I never thought of myself as a tea drinker, but there are many tasty ones there - and some I didn't like, but fun to have so many to try.

          The way the tables along one side are set up, you can pull out a curtain ( although I've never seen anyone do it) to provide a bit more private working space. I never have trouble with my stacks of articles and books and my laptop, but I guess it depends upon what you mean by big enough.

          The Harbor East location is supposed to also have a liquor license so I wonder if it is going to be less of a hang-out-and-work spot, and more of a hang-out-and-mingle spot?

          1. re: a70wilson

            Thanks! I'll have to go again soon. Maybe I'm just remembering the tables wrong, it had felt very intimate (which can be a good thing of course). Good point about the new location, we'll have to wait and see.

      2. I read about Smedly's on Fleet and Wolfe, but have not yet tried it, though it sounds like ia good spot -

        1. My partner and I spend every weekend out at a wifi spot, working on our new website (shameless plug: I have an older Powerbook laptop, which means I need super strong wifi reception to even stand a chance of getting online. Here's where we go, in order of frequency:

          1. BlueHouse (Harbor East): good quiches, excellent tea, good coffees; pretty good wifi; big windows let in lots of light, feels like your living room
          2. Kiss Cafe (Can Company): full menu, decent food, okay drinks, spotty service; okay wifi
          3. sad, but true: Panera (Inner Harbor): full menu, excellent wifi
          4. City Cafe (Mt. Vernon): full menu, good food, good tea, okay coffees; pretty good wifi; cafe part can be a little cramped, slightly uncomfortable in the bar-chairs
          5. Daily Grind (Fells Point): no real food, good coffees; okay wifi; can rarely find a seat
          6. Smedley's (Canton): good food, though all is pre-made by the owner and just heated up in microwave; great drinks (except the smoothies); wifi won't work for me here or else I would go more often
          7. One World Cafe (by Hopkins): full menu, good food, great drinks; wifi won't work for me here either

          There's a few bars I've seen with wifi signs, but I've just never felt like I would (or should) be productive at a bar.

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            thanks for the help, everyone! we tried to go to Smedley's yesterday but it was closed :(, so we ended up at Chesapeake Wine Company of all places. We called and they said they had wireless, but it wasn't until we had ordered some small plates and some beverages that we realized it didn't work. so that was kind of a bust. but at least the food was decent.

            thanks for the suggestions, i will report after we try!

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              Bluehouse is at 1407 Fleet, east of Central. It's a comfortable setting, and just good all around people. Plus, it's a really great store. And, shameless plug time: check out the messenger bags and wallets made from recycled mosquito netting from Cambodia. Eco-friendly and fairly traded!

            2. I would also suggest City Cafe at Cathedral and Eager Streets. Across the street from City Cafe is Egyptian Pizza (aka Al Pacino). They have great pizza as well as Middle Eastern cuisine and wifi as well.

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              1. I really enjoy taking my laptop to the bar at Lucas Cafe in Locust Point. Decent wi-fi, good grub (especially the pizzas and sandwiches), and easy parking on Fort Avenue.