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Jul 24, 2007 10:37 AM

Enoteca San Marco - beyond the online menu?

Anyone have any insight in to offerings beyond the online menu for Enoteca San Marco? I was hoping to get the hubby to go with me for lunch when we're in Vegas next month and I've looked at the menu online, but was wondering if we can expect anything in the way of specials or more lunch-focused offerings??

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  1. We haven't eaten there yet but we stopped by to look at the menu before having dinner at B&B the week before last. I actually took pictures of the menu because all the gelato offerings were so enticing, but I also got pix of the savory offerings. I think the online menu is a bit abbreviated in some regards, for example I'm counting 8 salads on the online menu while my picture shows 13 salads. But some of the other categories appear to be pretty much the same. If you want to give your e-mail I can e-mail you the pictures I took, or you could always call the restaurant and ask them to fax the menu.

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      Hi Debbie! We're off to Vegas tomorrow morning and have a reservation at Enoteca San Marco for Saturday night (after Spamalot).. if you could share the 'beyond the online menu' with me that would be GREAT! Im excited to eat at Enoteca since I'm a huge fan of Mario Batali's. We ate at B&B a few months ago and LOVED it. I'm not sure how you could love one place more then another but Mozza in LA, unbelievable!

      Anhoo, hope yo hear from you soon! Here is my email for the menu.. foodiebear at gmail dotcom

    2. I was there for lunch on Sunday. Comparing it to the online menu, the menu we had was pretty much identical. (I don't remember the verdure items and am not sure about the pesce and piatti.) The fritti, carne, insalata, pizze and pasta were all on the menu. I do not recall any mention of specials.

      1. You can get 1/2 price entree coupons (lunch or dinner) for San Marco and B&B for only $2 at the 1/2 Price Ticket Booths around town... I went for lunch last week, and the actual menu looks just like the online menu... They wouldnt let me use the coupon for the Salumi sampler, but the Carbonara was surprisingly great and I have to tout the Salted Carmel gelato - the ice cream form of the butterscotch budino at Mozza in LA...

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          That salted caramel gelato was really great - we had it a few weeks back at B&B but they said it was the same as at Enoteca San Marco. Loved the crunchiness of the salt. Did you try any of the gelato concoctions? They read so yummy. When we're there in a couple of weeks we are planning on a dinner at Bouchon followed by a gelato dessert at Enoteca San Marco - the Bouchon dessert offerings never entice me. Where are these 1/2 price ticket booths?

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              The 1/2 price booth is in the fashion show mall across from the Wynn.

              The online Enoteca menu is the same as when I was there a few months back. Real winners are the veal meatballs over polenta and the lamb ragu. I plan on trying the pork shoulder next trip. Salted carmel gelato is as described by previous posters.

              I actually enjoy Enoteca more than its more expensive big brother, B&B. I really like the informality of Enoteca which lends well to a nice lunch and less so for a fancy dinner. Enoteca also does not seem to suffer from the oversalting issues that B&B has become famous for.

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                Still half price coupons? Original post was a year ago, does anyone know if they are still offering it? AND, if you have used one, are you made to feel cheapo?