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Jul 24, 2007 10:35 AM

Evanston eats

We'll be in Evanston in August with a moderately large tour group. Bussing in, so will be without a car. I'd like some recs for mid-scale, non-chain dining options. I'd also like to know if there are any classic bars/pubs that deserve a visit. Thank you.

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  1. Tommy Nevin's Pub would be a good stop for a bar visit. For dining (and also a decent bar), look into Prairie Moon. They have the space to handle a large group, and do some very interesting dishes. Both places have web sites, and they're about a block away from each other on Sherman. And if you're looking for good, inexpensive Italian, along with very reasonably priced wine, you can't go wrong at Dave's Italian Kitchen.

    1. The Prairie Moon is a pleasant and reasonably priced Cafe and Pub with a comfortable dining room and a patio area. They have a decent selection of Belgian Ales and micro-brews and serve simple but well executed regional American fare with a contemporary flair. It's very nice in a casual way.

      Prairie Moon All American Dining
      1502 Sherman Ave
      Evanston, IL 60201
      (847) 864-8328

      If by classsic bars, you mean older establishments, you won't find them in Evanston. It was the home of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and was dry until around 1980. Even now, only restaurants can serve liquor. But it does have some very nice "mid-scale" restaurants. Maybe if you could be a little more specific.

      Here is a link to a similar thread:

      For something more adventurous, you could eat Ethiopian Food at the recently reincarnated Addis Abeba. Which is quite good and BYOB.

      Addis Abeba
      1322 Chicago Ave
      Evanston, IL 60201
      (773) 929-9383

      1. If you like Thai food, one of my favorite restaurants is in Evanston. It has cheap DELICIOUS food. Fast service, able to have big parties. Fun decorations on the wall (you'll see what I mean if you go), and it's BYOB!

        It's called Cozy and it's located on Davis St, here is their website. They have one other location that's in the city but they aren't a chain.

        Also, I second Tommy Nevin's Pub. I was there last night; always a good time!


        1. I assume you will be staying in downtown Evanston (at the Orrington, Hilton Garden Inn, or Best Western), so here are places within walking distance.

          Thai Sookdee is easily the best Thai food in Evanston.

          There are several wonderful casual fine dining places in Evanston:
          Chef's Station -
          Stained Glass -
          Va Pensiero -

          Dixie Kitchen for Cajun food (no website)

          Pete Miller's is a steakhouse with excellent seafood options and excellent burgers -

          For pizza, Giordano's or Lou Malnati's (Pizza doesn't get any better than this)

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