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Jul 24, 2007 10:27 AM

Desserts in Nashville/Franklin

Hi, I'm a NY Chowhounder who'll be visiting family in TN soon for the 1st time. Searched the board and found some good savory recs, now looking for the sweet...

I have a huge sweet tooth and am hoping that some of you have recommendations for your favorite dessert places. I found Sweet 16th online ( which looks great-- the little Elvis cupcake is right up my alley. But I would love other suggestions... ice cream, cup/cakes, bakeries, or any special regional treats that I can't miss in Franklin and Nashville?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A few local favorites: Ham 'n Goody's for the best lemon cookies and tea cakes; they also do a great red velvet cake and carrot cake. They used to be on West End Ave. but have moved downtown now.

    Sunset Grille has a great selection of desserts and if you can't decide you can do a favorites are the coconut sushi and the butterscotch habanero bread pudding. Of course you can't go wrong with the Jack Daniel's Chocolate Pecan pie in TN.

    Rotier's is another local place that's been around for years. It's a greasy meat and three, but if you like good olf fashioned chocolate cake with icing or homemade old fashioned milkshakes they can't be beat.

    This should get you started....enjoy!

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      I almost forgot....Las Paletas! It's a great little popsicle store in the 12th South neighborhood (which also has one of the only wine bars in town with great local food as well as the 12th South Taproom for great sandwiches and beer.) Las Paletas is owned by two sisters from Mexico who learned how to make their fresh and unique popsicles in Mexico......they have everything from the standard fruit to Mexican caramel (my favorite) to intesting things like wasabi chocolate or chocolate with chili peppers. I've included their very basic web address so you can check their hours. Seems like they are closed Sun/Mon and open 11-6 or 7 Tues-Sat. Definitely check it out!

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        Last one...Rumba has great cupcake trios served warm with ice cream as well as homemade s'mores! (also great dinner and drinks too.) It's on West End and not open for lunch.

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          thanks jcr! these look awesome! coconut sushi-- i am definitely intrigued! and las paletas sounds just like my kind of thing.

      2. Sweet 16th and Las Paletas are a must. If you are already in East Nashville, you can try the homemade ice cream at Pied Piper Creamery.

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          Thanks Jennie-- will make note of Pied Piper too!

        2. Parco has been very spotty with their hours lately, and I know have been closed for a few weeks now, but if you manage to catch them while they are open (in a little tucked-away basement space on Printer's Alley), their desserts are always remarkable. Plum tarts and rosemary shortbread and the prettiest little plates of custard or panna cotta... as beautiful to look at as they are tasty!

          And I second the Pied Piper recommendation... try the Some Like it Hot Chocolate or the Movie Star (I think that's what it's called) Lemon Custard with the finest mouthfeel. Transcendent.

          1. I walked by Parco today and right now it seems to be open Thursday through Sunday, only for dinner.