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Any other good places in Murray Hill?

Hello Chows! My company (in Murray Hill) throws a free lunch to each department every week, we've tried quite a few places already, and we are running out of choices! Can anyone suggest other restaurant selections in the neighborhood, around 20 bucks/person?

So far we've been to:

Blue Smoke
Turkish Kitchen
Minado (ugh..)
Tibetan Kitchen
Various restaurants in Korean Town
Meli Melo
East Sushi

Thanks guys in advance!

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    1. Penelope
      Ali Baba
      Copper Chimney


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      1. re: Todd

        Last week I passed by Copper Chimney and it was closed, was I wrong?

        Vezzo seems like a lovely place, wonder if their pizzas are good...

        1. re: via jon

          Vezzo is related to Posto on 18th and 2nd and is excellent. Definitely not your traditional pizza. Cracker like crust and tangy sauce. Highly recommend getting jalapenos and zucchini on the pizza.

          1. re: via jon

            I, too, passed Copper Chimney last week and saw the hand-written "Closed" -- not "Closed for Vacation" -- sign pasted on the window. Their website is still functioning. Curious, I just called, and there's a recording stating their hours of operation. But when I pressed the appropriate button for reservations, there was no answer. Very strange....

        2. Is Artisanal too far south for you? Especially if you share some plates, you can do lunch for $20 each.

          1. If you order carefully, Spade (Chinese) is good. Had the most amazing water spinach w/ garlic there in June; it was a special, and boy was it special!

            1. Unfortunately, Ethos is not open for lunch.

                1. re: lucybobo

                  Da Ciro (Lexington between 33-34th); Pera (Madison about 41st)

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                    Resto does not open during weekday lunch hours.. :(

                  2. Brick Oven Pizza 33, Totonno's

                      1. * Saravanaas - Its hard to get better than Saravanaas. Delicious vegetarian indian, mainly doasas. Always delicious. Highly recommended. Make sure you get the 'right' Saravanaas, 26th & Lexington (northeast corner), not the bad one on 27th & Lex.

                        * Chinese Mirch (indo-chinese fusion) is delicious. A bit spicy for some, but tastes great.

                        * LaMarca - Delicious homemade pasta. Mostly a takeout/delivery place on 21st & 3rd (I think).

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                          La Marca is definitely more than just a take-out place though as a restaurant, is it quite plain. One important thing to know is that they're closed on Saturday and Sunday, which has always seemed very strange to me. But I guess they do such phenomenal business during the week that they don't have the financial need to be open on the weekend.

                        2. Chez Laurence and Cosette are both pretty solid French choices in MH that are very reasonably priced.

                          Also, Daniel's bagels or you could go to the Grand Central Market.

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