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Jul 24, 2007 10:07 AM

seeking recipe: bran muffins w/o sugar or scary sweetners

I picked up a scrumptious bran muffin at the Union Sq farmer's market for $1. It was made without sugar, although had apples and a bit of applesauce in the recipe which made it sweet enough. I would like to start making bran muffins at home (in small quantities). Any recipe suggestions?

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  1. Sugar is not needed in making muffins or quick breads. There are savory quick bread recipes that don't have any sugar. Whether that has the taste you want is another question.

    I've been using a pumpkin recipe with several modifications:
    - use half whole wheat flour, and half a mix of brans, ground nuts, etc
    - use a variety of purees - pumpkin, sweet potato, apple sauce etc
    - use various amounts of oil (or butter)
    - use half the amount of sugar
    - spice to taste


    1. It's not a recipe but Southaven Farms makes a bran muffin mix that is divine. I use honey as the sweetener (and you have to add yogurt and milk too). They are yummy.

      1. i love bran muffins too and really enjoyed the recipe on this website for the "buzzing bran muffins". give it a try.

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          molasses is a good sweetener for bran muffins. add carrots and raisins and you don't need as much molasses or honey to sweeten.

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            My favorite supermarket bran muffins (no longer available) used prune puree to keep them moist. You can find a commercial oil substitute in most groceries of that nature (Sun something brand name I think).