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Jul 24, 2007 10:02 AM

Need dining recommendations!!

I am heading to Manhattan for the weekend and will be there on Sat. and Sun. evening. I would appreciate some great dinner recommendations where I can get an entree under $20. I have a few ideas but would appreciate hearing more. I was thinking Lupa, but cannot get a reservation. Is it worth going and waiting for a table? I tend to enjoy mediterranean type of food...lighter and not overly heavy. Any great places for fish? Thanks.

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  1. Try Frank or Taksim in the East Village.
    Also, The Mermaid Inn is a great place for fish.

    1. Ethos, on 3rd Av., b/t 33rd & 34th Sts., is a boisterous, taverna-style Greek restaurant with very good food. They specialize in whole fish. Since they're market priced and based on weight, it will probably cost you more than $20, but it's worth it! You can choose from the pristine selection on ice, which the kitchen will then expertly grill and your server will fillet tableside if you wish. Comes with delicious lemon roasted potatoes and stewed green beans. Start with some mezzes (portions are quite generous) or a salad, and end the meal with an on-the-house sweet, and you have the perfect meal! The menu does include other fish and seafood options.

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        Thanks for the recs...keep them coming. Are reservations required at these places or can one walk in? Frank looks great...any favorites on the menu there?

      2. Le Zie is a great neighborhood Italian place on 7th Avenue and 20th Street where you can reliably walk in and get a table.

        1. Ali Baba, Markt, Pylos, Good, Bar Stuzzichini, 'inoteca