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Jul 24, 2007 10:01 AM

A Quest for Hatch Green Chile

I'm a student with a Santa Fe upbringing and a desperate hankering for the roasted green chile of my earlier youth. I am hoping someone might know of a place that sells the stuff. I've accepted that there are no 'authentic' New Mexican restaurants within 100 miles of this laptop, but with a tub of Bueno's Hot Autumn Roast I think I could do a bang up job myself. Beats buying a plane ticket. Any suggestions?

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  1. As a longtime Bostonian who grew up in Okla. but whose second home (lotsa close relatives) is Albuquerque, and who is about to move to Denver (where I got my first good whiff in ages of a roadside roaster), I am sad to report I've never found 'em here. A friend of mine also from the area used to ship 'em from home and freeze 'em.

    1. Actually, there's a pretty authentic place about 90 miles from that laptop, in South Hadley, MA called, fittingly enough, Autentica. Almost, if not quite worth the drive:

      Also, Pemberton Farms in North Cambridge carries 505's green chile enchilada sauce.

      But your best bet is still to do what my wife, a New Mex-pat, does: bring back a freezer's worth when you visit, and cook at home. Our freezer is so full of green chile and Dos Hermanos tortillas that there's just about no room for anything else.

      1. I moved here from Albuquerque myself several years ago, and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to tell you to give up the search right now: it ain't gonna happen. In a pinch, you can get the teensy cans of Hatch at Whole Foods, but you're going to have to mail-order your own roasted. This place has been recommended, on a thread where I posted a recipe that replicates the Frontier's green chile stew for folks stuck in Boston:

        As for Autentica, I am dubious about how autentica a place that proudly states that their food has no lard can be. Also, no sopaipaillas, no posole, and they put beans (but no potatoes!) in the green chile stew. No thanks.

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          Oh, make no mistake, Autentica is methadone, not smack, but a lot of the cooking was a pleasant surprise in its competence. In these here parts, a fix is a fix, so you take what you can get. I'm right with BFP that if you have the time and the chiles, the best bet is to cook at home.

        2. Sadly I agree with the other posters - there is nothing compared to what you find in the Southwest.. Desert Pepper's Salsa del Rio is our fixe du jour, but if I had relatives in the area I would save up and fly back with the real thng

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            Yeah, the Salsa del Rio stuff isn't bad. Where do you get yours? I think I've seen it at Wild Oats?

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              I have found it at Shaws and at the Fruit Center in Mitlon, but it seems to sell quickly and I would call ahead to avoid a detour,,,

          2. Please pardon my ignorance (only in my dreams have I had real New Mexican), but are you referring to canned Hatch chiles?