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Jul 24, 2007 09:50 AM

King Crab Legs?

Is there anywhere in LA that serves king crab legs and shrimp - perhaps at a brunch buffet ? I seem to recall that the Four Seasons did - but am not sure and don't want to go and be disappointed.

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  1. Hungry Cat serves both, and they do brunch, but no buffet. In fact, the king crab leg with mustard butter is one of my favorite dishes at HC.

    1. Amber Waves Restaurant at Knotts Berry Farm used to serve king crab legs as part of their buffet. Their buffet was small like about maybe 15 items but the quality was pretty good since it also included hand carved prime rib.

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      1. re: director0512

        They still offer the "King Crab and Prime Rib Buffet", Friday and Saturday evenings.
        I believe it's $21.95.

        Amber Waves is part of the Knott's Radisson(?), at the south end of the park.

        1. re: director0512

          i'll second or third this. it's a great deal if you want OG king crab legs and prime rib.

          1. re: slacker

            ohhh BOILING CRAB IS IT!!!!!!!!

            742 W Valley Blvd.
            Alhambra, CA 91803

          2. The Palm will be doing a king crab special during August and September similar to their lobster special of June/July.

            1. i Cugini
              Ocean Ave Seafood
              Delmonico's Lobster House