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Jul 24, 2007 09:31 AM

Fine Dining for this Sunday Night? help please

I have a couple of friends coming to Toronto this weekend and have requested that I find them a nice restaurant to dine at on Sunday night (their only night free) preferably with a tasting menu. I think a restaurant with small plates would also work as well. Any suggestions that might meet their requests?

I've looked and virtually every restaurant I can think of are closed on Sundays (Scaramouche, Colborne Lane, Splendido, Thuet, North 44, Canoe, Perigee, Amuse Bouche, George, etc)

So far I've got:

1) Chiado/Senhor Antonio
2) Lai Toh Heen
3) Sushi Kaji
4) JK Wine Bar (although we've already dined there so we'd like to go somewhere else)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Though neither is truly fine dine both Sotto Sotto and Globe Bistro are open on Sundays

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    1. re: robgm

      Czehoski and Coca are also open on Sundays-your friends might be interested in Czehoski as it was on Opening Soon and they may like the tasting plates at Coca.

    2. I think you have a great list so far, I guess it depends on what type/price food your friends want on a Sunday. Any of the hotel restos will be open on Sunday.

      I believe Batifole is also open on Sunday.

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      1. re: thenurse

        I would go with Chiado for an over-the-top dining experience...JKWB for a more casual good-food evening.

      2. Try Kaiseki-Sakura (Church and Wellesley..) They specialize in kaiseki, the high-end Japanese tasting menu that evolved from the traditional dishes served as accompaniment to Zen Buddhist tea ceremonies.. and they are open on Sunday.

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        1. re: kgebhard

          This is a great suggestion - one of Toronto's relatively undiscovered treasures. And nothing else like it in Toronto. (OK Hashimoto might qualify - but not really toronto).

        2. The original comment has been removed