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Jul 24, 2007 09:11 AM

Cheap and/or ethnic in brunswick, st. simons, darien georgia

i'm interested in really out-of-the-way shacks or good ethnic food within, say, a 45 to 60 minute drive from st. simons. my family has been vacationing on the georgia coast forever and i'm pretty tired of eating at the usual suspects. i think i've covered the standard list, from chelsea's, the red barn, alfonso's, jmacs, cj's, jic, k&p, crab trap/daddy's, frederica house, everywhere in the marina, redfern, and the village, as far afield as the buccaneer, archie's (rip), and fancier new-comers like cargo and christies, but haven't done any real exploring.

i've been reading old posts and am excited about recs (a lot of good ones from beteez) like shrimp at b&j's, porkchop sandwich at willie's weenee wagon, nicks for fried chicken, and twin oaks for bbq. is mudcat charlie's worth a visit? i know my dad grew up going to the two-way fish camp, but i've never been. i also read about a place called gary lee's in a small grocery store on hwy 82/84 that supposedly has a good bbq sandwich. someone else recommended little siagon, a vietnamese restaurant off altama ave.

i would love to find a bare-bones mexican place (not the kind where you can get white cheese dip and a number 6 combination plate, though i do love those places) serving shrimp or fish on corn tortillas with some fresh cilantro, lime, etc. on a paper plate.


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  1. Zap, I assume you have been to the new(ish) barbecue place in the village? I liked the pul led pork there *much* better than chopped (I think?) the Beachcomber. Actually I didn't like the Beachcomber much at all.

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    1. re: Dax

      southern soul bbq, right? i agree, they seem like a good addition to the island and appear to have passion for what they are doing, but i'm looking for places a bit more under then radar ...

      1. re: zap

        I though Mudcat was ok when I went there (once) last April. It's good for fried catfish at reasonable prices, plus a nice enough view I guess. I'd imagine you can get something equally as good closer to the Island.

        1. re: Dax

          Mudcat is nothing to write home about. If your're willing to drive so far, make an excursion to Speed's kitchen in Shellman's Bluff. It's sort of an adventure. BYOB, fried seafood (but fried very, very well). The little bar across from the Shellman's Bluff Marina was very good too.

          Sounds like you have pretty well covered the area

          1. re: sarge

            yes, speed's looks fantastic. i see it's been recommended before but i missed it the first time i looked through old posts. thanks!

            1. re: zap

              Los Arcos is down from Williies on Altam, take out only for Mexican, Let me know how you like the others. wHEB WILL YOU BE DOWN? Gary Lee is Nick's Brother. Mucat;s has good Grouper 7 A GREAT VIEW OF 2 WAY, but B&J's jas better shrimp. Mudcats has only plastic dinner ware also. If you are here thurs-sun try speeds it is sip to the buccanneer.

      2. re: Dax

        Grif & Harrison are going to open a new location in the old Gisco building @ Demere & Frederica.

      3. Mudcat's is good but call to make sure they have the garlic crab before you make the drive. Everybody I've talked to seems to like Skipper's better. Coastal Kitchen has been kind of a disappointment -- but what a view. JMac's has a new chef and the menu is pretty damn good. Do you ever go to the Rah Bar at Latitudes on Jekyll? Best by boat. And as far as the Beachcomber goes, their bartenders are their biggest asset.

        1. there is a taco place by the hardware store, well a hut really they may have a picnic table out side, there is no inside, but great tacos

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          1. re: mfc423

            A taco place by the hardware store in the Village on the Island? Or the Ace out by the old Huddle House? What type of tacos? Corn tortillas with chorizo, al pastor, carnitas, etc?

            My brother lives on the Island so I get down there at least once or twice a year. Good times.

            1. re: Dax

              Tacos del Mar is right across the parking lot from Pizza Inn at the end opposite where Huddle House is (was).

              1. re: Dax

                Hello, can't remember where the huddle house is, but the place I am referring to is on Frederica, Ace. I usually get fish, soft corn. they are pretty traditional so I suspect all of the above.

                Last time I was down, (July) there was a new place that seemed eager to please just burgers and such, but cheap and good. Little mall I had never noticed before in front of the Publixs (?) at the end of the Sea Island causeway on Frederica.

                Sorry to be so vague, but when I go down there it's for work, ahh, the wonder of the 70 hr week.

            2. hey dax, woulda been fun to check some places out with you, tastes run similar, lets have lunch if you come back to town. chow

              1. If you are looking for really good food but in no way looking for the fancy atmosphere, then you HAVE to try the Old School House! It is the best seafood that I have ever tasted. I have not seen any advertisment for this place, but there is a wait just about everytime we go. The work of mouth is amazing. But once you drive up, just don't look around, and if you go then you will understand. Oh, it is off a little side road just off 17 about 10 miles south of exit 68 I think... I am not good with directions but I do recommend that you try this!! Good luck