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Jul 24, 2007 09:10 AM

Romantic French bistro in Mayfair.

Hi I will be in London from San Francisco for a few days in September. I am looking for a romantic French (preferably bistro-type) restaurant in Mayfair, or maybe Kensington.
A good date place basically.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Off the top of my head, I can't think of too many bistro-type places in Mayfair. Plenty of fine dining with French influence. L'Oranger in St. James used to be very good (but I haven't been for a while, so can't speak for its current performance, I'm afraid). Wild Honey in Maddox St is a newcomer - very French influenced menu, lovely dining room - good date-place as you put it! I ate there last week and was a little underwhelmed by some of the dishes being under seasoned, but it has a very good (and reasonably priced) wine list.

    Otherwise, you'll need to move out of Mayfair - my recs would be Galvins in Baker St; the best of its breed in London, I think. Mon Plaisir in Monmouth St for real old fashioned bistro food. La Trouvaille, in a little street just off Carnaby St and Andrew Edmunds in Lexington St are both good intimate Soho places (AE is often described as the most romantic restaurant in London, so good for a date!). Kensington and Notting Hill are foreign lands to me, though - far too many celebs for my liking.

    I'm sure others will have their own romantic recommendations - Lindsey House in Soho would be mine :)

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      I thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight with me. I really appreciate it, and will pick one (or two) to try.
      Thanks again, you've been a big help.

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        I'll second the recommendation of Mon Plaisir. They do a fantastic cheeseboard.

        Mon Plaisir Restaurant Ltd
        19 Monmouth St, Camden Town, Greater London WC2H 9, GB

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          galvin brothers was by far one of the best meals i had on a recent trip to london. expertly cooked french food in a nice modern setting.

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            Thanks to everyone for the input. It will be hard to make a decision, but a cheese plate can sway me almost any time. Thanks again.

        2. Le Boudin Blanc is a very romantic French restaurant right in Mayfair (Shepherds Market). The food is delic too.

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            I just checked out the website for Le Boudin Blanc and I think it is just perfect! A bonus is my hotel is just around the corner. Thanks again fifi.