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Jul 24, 2007 08:51 AM

Help with Cafes around Bloomingdales

Was wondering if anyone know of a good cafe for a first date around the Bloomingdales area. Thanks!

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    1. a little north of bloomies Mon Petite Cafe (lex and 62nd? /61st)

      1. Though not a cafe, Le Veau d'Or is about as good as you will ever get for a date setting. It's quite close to Bloomingdales, it's OLD French and the owner was in the French resistance. Add to it that the owner loves couples, will adore you if you like Burgundy wine (he's a Savoyard) and that the interior is from the 40s and you're set. The whole wait staff is over the age of 60 though. This place is where Hemingway used to go for lunch and I don't think the menu has changed since then. Get the seafood cassoulet.

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          Bistro 360 is a very good spot. It's very laid back and the food is good. I wouldn't say it's super romantic but it has nice atmosphere.

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            Thanks everyone! I will look into your suggestions.

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              I think you mean Brasserie 360, right? It is laid back with good food, but I must say every time I'm there the service is terrible. There's also lots of beautiful waitresses if you're the self-conscious type (just throwing it out there, not making judgements).

          2. can anyone speak about david burkes place in bloomingdales?