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Jul 24, 2007 08:44 AM

Rose syrup--what to mix with?

At a specialty-foods store recently, being irresistibly attracted to culinary novelty like a magpie to shiny things, I picked up a bottle of wild rose syrup (ingredients: water, rose petals, organic sugar). I was imagining using it for some kind of Persian- or Turkish-inflected summer cocktails. What spirit should I use, though (there not really being a traditional Middle Eastern liquor)? Should it be as simple as rose syrup + spirit + fizzy water + sprig of mint? Or could there be a more complex recipe, maybe involving another flavor like almond or orange?

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  1. I've mixed Rose Syrup with peach nectar, rye whiskey, and a little soda to great effect, although I wouldn't call that Middle Eastern.

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      My suggestion: try it with some Wyborowka Vodka and lime, or for a real treat, mix it with Gin and Lichido Liqueur (made of lychees, guavas and peaches) with a twist of lemon.