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Jul 24, 2007 08:36 AM

What to order at Public?

Going tonight for dinner. Would love some advice on what to order!

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  1. liz: Did you end up going? What did you get?

    I may go there in September.

    Think I might skip the kangaroo, but I remember hearing they did a good barramundi fish entree.

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    1. re: Liquid Sky

      Loved public. Great cocktails and wine. Got the kangaroo and the venison. Both were incredible! You'll have a great time!

    2. too late now, but i hope you got the foie. the white anchovies on the quinoa croquette is creative and tasty but you have to like the briny flavor of the fish. the sweetbreads are good too but the dukka is too strong for my palate.

      i'd sooner get a bunch of starters in place of an entree.

      also, best cocktails. ever.

      1. Definitely the Dukkah Crusted Sweetbreads ... real nice ... especially when contrasted with the green apple "coleslaw".

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        1. re: ajgnet

          I'm totally psyched. Made a reservation for me and some friends at PUBLIC when I'll be in NYC in September.

          It sounds like fans of PUBLIC think it's better to order a few appetizers rather than go for their main entress... Is that the case? Are their appetizers that much better?

          I definitely love foie gras.

          I was basically wondering if their appetizers are a miniscule size. Can anyone comment on that?

          Many thanks!

          1. re: Liquid Sky

            if you want to share with a group, miniscule might apply. on a date, they can easily be shared.

            i only recommend the starters because it's the way i prefer to eat in restaurants. lots of different tastes of big flavors in small portions. an entree is too much of a commitment.

            it's nice to see someone so excited about this place - it's hardly lacking business but i feel it's underrated among foodies.